Brett Davern behind Jake Rosati


Every person has its own awkward moments in its life, like being on a place he didn’t want to be or being forced to have a conversation with someone.

Nevertheless, Brett Davern and all the Awkward’s cast have plenty of those moments in the show.

The young actor plays Jake Rosati’s character; a good and funny guy with a golden heart. However, nothing is so simple for Jake. He falls into a love triangle with Jenna, the main character, and his best friend Matty.

Awkward was renewed for a third season, which will air this year, and Jake will continue with his story. With Jenna? With another girl? Alone? We don’t know yet, but the actor thinks that anything the writers want for Jake will be fine to him.

In conversation with The Outsider Argentina, Brett spoke about his character in the show, the winning of the People’s Choice Award and the other movies that he has been filming, “The Culling” and “Born to Race”.

How did you start acting?

I began by begin in anything I could. That means school plays! From there it was about following my passion to New York and auditioning for movies and TV.

How is it like playing Jake on “Awkward”?

I love playing Jake, he is a great guy with a big heart. He also is kind of goofy so I get to try and be funny a lot.


How was the reception of your character in the show?

Team Jake has a strong following, I think fans like how honest and open he is as a person and they latch onto that.

Which was your reaction in front of the success of Awkward?

I am so happy that the show is doing so well! We (the cast) love working on this show and the fact that the fans love it too is just icing on the cake.

Which is your favorite Jake’s moment?

The fight with Matty was a moment I will never forget.

What can you tell us about what’s coming up for Jake in season 3?

Honestly I have no idea what is in store for Jake. Our producers are very secretive with the scripts so your guess is as good as mine. Our writers are so smart that anything they want for Jake will be ok with me!

Are we going to have more about the love triangle Jenna-Jake-Matty?



How was it like winning a People’s Choice Award?

Winning the People’s Choice Award was awesome! We have the best fans in the world and the fact that they voted so much means a lot!

What can you tell us about your role in the film “The Culling”?

The Culling is a psychological thriller that we shot in New Orleans, LA. It is really scary; I think people are really going to love it!

Which other projects do you have for this year?

I also shot a movie called “Born to Race” about a race car driver so hopefully that comes out this year as well.

Brett finished the interview thanking to all the fans for supporting Team Jake and that he would like them to follow him on twitter (@BDavv) and to like the Official Facebook Fan Page (Brett Davern Official).

Samantha Schuster