Welcome to Camp Sunshine


Summer is back and which is the best way to spend that time than in a summer camp, where the kids can meet new friends, enjoy the forest or make bonfires.

However, Camp Sunshine is different. The creators Kanin Guntzelman and Harry Owen want to make a show focused on the counselors’ job, in which the cameras will capture life at work, at home and at play. Everything through the lens of a documentary.

For this idea to come true the cast and crew are asking people to help them and they are offering fans the chance to pre-order the pilot episode in exchange for being an extra, t-shirts from the show, a dinner with the producers, among other benefits.

Will Masterson, Camp Sunshine’s Executive Producer, spoke to The Outsider Argentina about the show, its promotion and his desire to make the pilot without any compromise.

What is “Camp Sunshine” about?

Campers will come and go. The show, Camp Sunshine, is about the counselors – a hilarious, eclectic group of generation y’s who aren’t exactly shining examples of humanity. Most of their “big plans” have failed, so inevitably, the counselors find themselves coming back to this Los Angeles summer sports camp, year after year, after year. The audience will view life’s comedic realities at Camp Sunshine through the lens of a documentary crew “hired” to boost camper attendance with a promotional video.

Which is the particularity of the show?

While most stories in the “camp genre” tend to feature a sleep-away setting (usually by the lake with bonfires, blanketed with thick forests and acoustic guitars) at Camp Sunshine, you’re at a summer sports day camp. The counselors work in a suburban setting, where parents drop their kids off each day and the cameras capture life at work, at home, and at play.

How did you come out with the idea of the show?

Creators Kanin Guntzelman and Harry Owen are former summer camp counselors. Feeling that the genre was ripe for comedy, Harry floated the idea to Kanin while working together on a short film. Kanin then spent time developing the characters, writing the pilot episode, and finding the perfect actors to match each personality. The project was taken to the next level when Beau Mirchoff and myself  joined Kanin as producers with the goal of making a made-for-television pilot episode.

Do you have yourself any summer camp’s anecdote?

One summer Kanin worked at an aquatic sports camp and managed to get fired for sinking a sailboat. True story. Much of the pilot episode and first season story arc is loosely based on actual events. This is when we like to tell people, forget everything you ever thought you knew about summer camp.

What can you tell us about the characters?

Each of the counselors has their own videos on the Kickstarter page and our Vimeo page. We’d love to tell you more, but for that you’ll have to pre-order the pilot episode. We promise you won’t be disappointed.

Do you have a script or are you just focused on the pilot? How does it work?

We have a polished script for our pilot episode, along with treatments for follow up episodes. The story arc for a full season is in place but at this stage we’re focused on achieving a specific tone with the pilot episode.

People can be part of this show, how can they support Camp Sunshine?

At a basic level, we’re offering fans the chance to pre-order the pilot episode in both standard definition and high defintion. Every show does that so what makes us different, you ask? You want to be an extra?  You want the official staff T-shirt? Or even, you want to meet Beau? The opportunity is now. Friends can join together and get a personalized video message, or even get on a personal Skype conversation! Fans can also come to LA and attend the cast & crew screening and after party if that’s more your speed. Are you hungry? Dinner with Beau and Kanin is on the menu at the world famous Hollywood Geisha house. Better yet, are you trying to get involved in the industry? What better way to start off then an associate producer credit on a new show?

What is your wish with regard to the show?

We ask for people support the Kickstarter campaign so we can shoot the pilot without compromise. If people enjoy, everyone on the Camp Sunshine team looks forward to continue working hard so we can evolve into a longstanding television series.

Samantha Schuster