A good laugh from Corinne Dekker


Sometimes it is hard to make people laugh, but humor is something really important in life. That is why Corinne Dekker prefers to play comedy roles than dramatic ones, although she enjoys doing everything.

After spending a season working in a reality show with Jennie Garth, in which she was her personal assistant, she started to make videos for her blog. Nowadays, she is auditioning to get a role in a pilot.

Funny as usual, Corinne spoke to The Outsider Argentina about her starts, the show “Jennie Garth: A Little Bit Country” and her favorite jobs.

How did you start acting?

My second grade teacher Mrs. Hamilton had me do a monologue “All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth” in the Christmas pageant – I’ve been hooked ever since!

You are really funny in real life, how is to perform some serious role? Which one do you prefer the most?

Comedy! I definitely prefer comedy. I do enjoy dramatic roles, but they are emotionally exhausting and not nearly as much fun as being a goofball! That said, I love to work! A role is a role!

What can you tell us about Jennie Garth: A Little Bit Country? What do you do there?

Jennie Garth: ALBC was great fun! It was a reality show that ran for one season on CMT. I was Jennie’s personal assistant and we spent most of our time getting into trouble – for the world to see!

How is it like to work with Jennie on a reality show?

I loved it. I enjoyed getting to just be myself and see where the day led us. Jennie is tons of fun and so the whole experience was a blast.

Why did you start with your blog on youtube?

When Jennie moved back to LA we knew we wouldn’t be doing a second season of the show (we were no longer “country”), but we had developed a wonderful fan base who wanted more. I had done a segment on the CMT website that was quite popular called “Corinne Cam”, where I just filmed myself talking and being silly. When the show “ended” I thought – hey, I have a camera – I’m still silly…let’s just keep this going!

How about the content? Do you have some script to make the videos or do you improvise them?

No script – I love to improvise. I come up with the concept for the skit/vlog and we just roll! I usually do one or two takes, act silly and we get what we need!

What is the audience’s repercussion?

People have been so wonderful about #CorinneVlogs! I think everyone needs a good laugh these days, and people have been really receptive! I have heard from people on twitter that they have “CorinneVlog” parties, where people watch them on their TV (via Wii)! If your readers would like to check them out they are available at: YouTube/cdekker75

Which was your favorite job? Why?

My favorite jobs to date were the show with Jennie and my role on Ugly Betty. In both cases I got to be myself and really just “play” and have fun!

Which are your projects for this year?

We are entering “pilot season” so I am auditioning a lot – crossing my fingers I will get a pilot! I also have exciting news re a clothing line and a charity project, details as soon as I can give them!

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