Alice Sweet Alice back to the roots


There’s been a time where people wanted to know more about the music, albums and the artists. You could spend hours listening to the songs and learning about them.

That’s why Alice Sweet Alice made their newest album “Mandala” to get back to those fundamentals. They want people to slow down a little bit and listen to what they have done.

The band is also heard in Japan and China and they are looking for audiences all over the world to travel and play their music.

Alice Sweet Alice spoke to The Outsider Argentina about “Mandala”, the tours and “Ribbons & Stone”, the next album that will be released between April and May.

How did the band start?

Alice Sweet Alice started in 2007 as Scott’s solo project.  Soon afterwards, Ali Kat was brought on board for vocals, and then as a musical collaborator after Scott found out how great of a songwriter she is.  In 2009, ASA became a full band project, hiring Billy Brown as drummer, and after a year or so with different guitarists, Ron Bales was brought on in late 2010.  Mandala was recorded in mid- to late 2011 and released in September 2011.

You define your music as “Electropostpunkadelic”, what does it mean?

It’s a very silly name that, in some ways, accurately describes what we do musically.  Electro is for some of the electronica influences we use in our songwriting, post-punk is a genera that a lot of people hear in some of our musical compositions, and psychedelic was a term used to describe some other compositions, especially in the 2007-2009 eras.  If someone was to ask what we really think most closely describes our genera these days, we would most likely say Alternative Rock & Rock.

What’s the idea of your new album “Mandala”?

Mandala is our NEWEST album, but it has been out for 1½ years now!  The idea of the album, in the way we recorded and produced it, was to get back to fundamentals.  Many of us grew up with Vinyl albums and sitting on our beds as kids, learning the albums of our heroes.  This world moves too fast for us these days.  We wanted people to slow down a bit, sit down with our album with the lights low and really listen to what we have done.  Mandala is something that is used for meditation in many parts of the world.  As part of the inside artwork, we included 2 colorless mandalas for fans to color in while they listen to the album.  If they send it to us, we will eventually use all of the artwork on the inside of future releases with their names.  Sort of a fun way for fans to interact with the band, and really get to know our music in an undistracted way.

Is there anything that inspires you to write your music?

ASA’s members are all inspired by different things, but mainly life and our life’s experiences. Music is a very personal thing to us and it is a cathartic and therapeutic thing.  It is also just something that bleeds from us as artists, and it is almost like something that we have to do – like breathing or drinking water!

What does it mean to you to be available in Japan or China? Have you ever gone there to sing or do you want to go?

It is a fantastic opportunity for ASA to be able to reach an audience on the opposite side of the world, especially one as big as China, who has literally 1/5 of the world’s population.  China is especially difficult to tap into by most artists, because as it is a communist country, the government approves/disapproves everything that comes through.  For us it is a victory to be able to reach these people – who we know love and appreciate music, and we hope someday soon to be able to take our live show to them directly!

Have you done some tour? Where?

Alice Sweet Alice has toured a little here in the USA, mostly in the US south and Midwest.  One of the reasons we work social media so hard, is to find audiences all over the world we can travel to directly.  We have great opportunities, but we need more of a fan base to be able to make traveling for us a reality and more affordable to us from a business standpoint.  It is VERY expensive for bands to go on tour!  We are going to be running a Kickstarter campaign this year, with opportunities for fans to contribute to us and receive rewards for their contributions.  We’re doing this as a fundraiser, so it will make touring for us a reality much sooner.

What do you enjoy most about being on stage?

We love connecting with the audience and seeing and hearing their reaction to our music.  We also love to interact with each other onstage and have fun playing the music we love.  It is simple, yet so fundamentally important to us.  No tricks, just raw rock & roll on stage.

You do a lot of events, what kind of events do you do?

In the past, ASA focused mostly on playing local venues, so this year in addition, we are looking at playing at some of the colleges here in the USA, in addition to Festivals where we can play in front of larger audiences.  We don’t play constantly anymore, but rather are searching out for opportunities where we can play in front of larger audiences that will appreciate the kind of music that we do.

Are you thinking about recording a new album? How would it be like?

Alice Sweet Alice is about halfway done recording our next album, entitled “Ribbons & Stone”!  It is due to be released in April/May of 2013, and it overall is a more energetic album and the songs have been so fun to write and play on stage.  We will be releasing videos prior to the album coming out here in the next few months, so we just ask that you stay tuned to Alice Sweet Alice on Twitter @alicesweetalice, Facebook (, and Alice Sweet Alice’s main website:

Samantha Schuster