Farrah Abraham, the teen mom


Most of the people think about having babies when they have the right age, after they get married or when they can sustain themselves.

But Farrah Abraham couldn’t decide that. She got pregnant from Sophia when she was 16. However, she decided to have the baby and show her birth and rise on TV. Farrah took a part of the original shows “16 & Pregnant” and “Teen Mom” because she wanted to show teenagers to face the early parenthood and to prevent them to have babies at that age.

As a mom, Farrah loves and cares about Sophia and started to write different kinds of books about parenthood.  She wants to continue modeling and acting and keeping her other passion: the cooking.

In a conversation with The Outsider Argentina, Farrah spoke about her pregnancy, her part on the shows and her life up from now.

How was it like being a teen mom?

Looking back now on how it was to be a “Teen Mom”, I will say it was a life changing experience filled with hardships, and filled with wonderful memories of my daughter getting me through the hard times. I’m happy unexpectedly I was a Teen Mom, for the better I helped touch a lot of lives and help family relationships and I became a much wiser person.

In which way did your world change?

As a Teen Mom my world changed in the way of a person growing up too fast, it was shocking, it was unneeded , there were true struggles that were unneeded to experience that early in life. I feel when becoming a mother you now need to have different responsibilities, different priorities, different strengths to be prepared to take care of another human being.

How was the experience of being a parent in a reality show like “Teen mom”?

Being a part of the original shows “16 & Pregnant” and “Teen Mom” was a great fit for me. I wanted to show other teens if they are faced with early parenthood that they are not defeated, they need to change their lives for what is best for their unborn child; as well I wanted to show real relationship hardships with the whole family. Of course because of the shows’ success, this has brought more challenging struggles then normal parenthood, this has made me very passionate about parenting, and doing it right.


Which was your relationship with your parents? How did they take the news about your pregnancy?

My relationship with my family has changed drastically from the time of myself telling them “I’m pregnant” until now. I told my mom the news first, and my dad heard it from my mom. My mother was very sad, cried and tried to remain calm. My dad tried to be supportive but cried as well. My parents had always told me, “if you ever get pregnant at that age I would kick your butt out”, then when the real life experience had unexpectedly occurred they were really the only ones hanging in there to help me even if they were not happy.

What kind of mom are you with Sophia?

I’m the type of mother to my daughter who is loving, caring, providing, supportive, educating, teaching, sharing, and I’m the type of mother who always will work hard at having a close and loving relationship with my daughter, honesty is a big part of this and showing her right from wrong.

Do you feel that people judge the way you raise your daughter?

I don’t feel people judge how I raise my daughter; I know people judge how I raise my daughter. I laugh at this now even though it is frustrating and not needed. I have had a lot of unneeded attacks on my parenting due to hate, jealousy, envy, confusion or just others wanting attention. I now am strong enough to turn my head and not let one word effect my great life with my daughter; hate and spitefulness have no effect on me, the world is a negative place.


What is your book “My teenage dream ended” about?

My New York Times best-selling book “My Teenage Dream Ended”, is a memoir about my teen years in depth, showing my inner thoughts as I was experiencing a lot of changes, from teen to pregnant, to teen mother, as well losing my boyfriend, fights with my parents and more wisdom I gained through these times I shared with my readers to help empower others to change in the best ways through hard times.

How do you get the idea of writing that book?

For myself, there was no doubt in my mind that I knew my journal entries as I was going through counseling would turn into a book, I feel God is a big part of my life and he lead me to a wonderful opportunity of sharing my experience to others to really help and make a difference, for that I’m grateful I could write it all down for my readers.

What advice can you tell teenagers?

There is a lot of advice I could give teens, but I think actions speak louder than words, do not have sex without thinking there is a risk of pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases, then to follow no support, no help, no marriage, and more struggles. Continue to watch “16 & Pregnant” or “Teen Mom”, and see what you do not want to deal with at a young age, travel, see the world, become the best you can and then think of having a family or getting serious with another person who really could be a lifelong partner.

Which are your projects for the future?

I’m very much looking forward to the 2013 year, I’m continuing with writing more books in different genres, for young adult, self-help, romance and much more interesting books for my readers. I also am looking forward to continue more modeling and acting and my other passion in my culinary endeavors. I’m a momtrepreneur!

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