Tone, the beat of hip-hop


Saying something important to impact people’s life is not an easy job. But Tone wants to try to do that through his hip-hop’s music.

This genre has been a part of his life for a long time. Besides being a musician, he is also a producer.

Nowadays he is working on a new album, in which he focused on the writing. He is ready to shock a lot of people.

In a conversation with The Outsider Argentina, Tone spoke about his beginnings, the hip-hop and the projects for this year.

How did you start with music?

My dad was a musician and had a band and my mother was a singer so I was always surrounded by music, but I got into Hip-Hop mainly because of Tupac.

Why did you dedicate yourself to hip-hop?

Hip-Hop is something I grew up with I related to the music and the culture, it has been a part of my life for so long it wouldn’t be right not to be dedicated to it, it is a part of my identity it makes me who I am.

What is hip-hop about?

To me it is mostly about the lyrics, it can mean different things to different people but to me it is about saying something important that can make an impact on someone’s life that’s what I try to do, you can’t always do that but when I can I do, most of my music speaks from my point of view of the world I speak about things that I see and hear.

How is it like being a producer too?

I love producing, to some people they feel like it’s too much work to do both but to me it’s like producing is my break from rapping and rapping is my break from producing if I’m not feeling inspired enough to write a song I’ll make a beat and vise versa.

What is “Angel’s and Demon’s” about?

The Angels & Demons mixtape is about the battle we all face between good and evil, most of us try to do our best to be the best person we can but there is always that evil hanging over us tempting us to do wrong, so I did the songs accordingly on some songs I am showing my good side and on some I go the complete opposite, it was definitely a fun project to work on.

Where are you performing?

At the moment I don’t have any shows lined up but in the near future I will be doing shows around the Detroit area, you can stay up to date with all my event info on my website

How is it like playing with other artists?

I have done songs with a lot of other artists, I enjoy working with other musicians because I always get something unique and different, when you have that many creative minds in a room you feed off one another and it makes the music even better.

Which is your goal in music?

My goal is to be a successful Hip-Hop artist and music producer, but I feel like I will always be good as long as I have music in my life no matter what the outcome is.

Which are the projects for this year? Are you thinking about releasing another album?

I have a few things lined up for this year, I have just released a mixtape with a friend of mine Peleboy; it’s called the Firesauce Mixtape free download on my site. But I am also wrapping up an album I have been working on, at this point I do not have a title for it yet but along with that album might also be a stage name change. I am very excited to share this album with everyone I had a producer I always have been working with Johnnie Blade produce the majority of the album and I just focused on the writing for once, I feel like this will shock a lot of people to the quality of what we are doing, so definitely everyone stay up to date with what I am doing follow me on Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and be ready for some great music.





Samantha Schuster