Sophie Turner as Sansa Stark


HBO gives us the opportunity to know more about another character from Game of Thrones. Today was the time for Sophie Turner, who portrays Sansa, the oldest daughter from the Stark’s family.

Sansa is a girl who is always between the realm’s duty and what she wants to do or what she feels. Their family wanted her to marry the future King, Joffrey, but things went not as planned.

Along the Tv show she has to make some choices that will affect the realm, her family and herself. And that’s why Sophie thinks that Sansa is a little bit misunderstood.

In the Q&A with HBO Sophie has answered to some of the fans’ questions about her character on the show and her real life.

Do you have some things in common with Sansa? Which kind of things?

I wouldn’t say that I have many things in common with Sansa, I suppose I’m a bit more of an ‘Arya’. I’m a lot more outspoken than Sansa is and I’m not particularly afraid to muck around in the mud. Although I think my logic is very similar to Sansa’s and the decisions that she makes are very similar to the decisions that I would make in the same situation.

At the beginning you were a girl with hopes and dreams. How has been the transformation into the young woman we see on screen?

It’s been an amazing transformation for Sansa. She did start off as a naive innocent and hopeful young girl. You see her now in Season 3, her hopes have dashed, her dreams are gone and she’s come down to earth with a bump! She has to reeducate herself and it’s been a very cool and powerful journey that she’s had.

What has been your favourite moment of filming season 3 of Game of Thrones?

My favorite moment of filming season 3, it was in episode 2 with Natalie Dormer and Diana Rigg. It was one of my favorite parts because I haven’t worked with either of them and they know what they’re doing. It’s fun to work with people who know everything about the business.

Which was the most difficult scene you had to film?

The most difficult scene was in Season 2 where I had to sing. I’m used to being behind a camera acting but I’ve never been a great singer but that was probably my worst fear singing in front of people knowing it would go out in front of millions. It’s out of the way now so I’m glad.

Since being on Game of Thrones, has there been a moment where you’ve realized that you learned something new about yourself?

Definitely. I learn something new every day about myself as an actor, my capabilities, how far I can stretch myself, throw out emotions I never knew I had. As a person, I paralleled Sansa as much as I could and I have definitely matured more and learned more about myself. Sansa has taught me a lot about myself, hearing all the controversy about her I realized a lot of things about myself while defending Sansa, that I never really knew either.

There are still few who misunderstood Sansa, what would you say to them so they may understand Sansa’s character?

It very simple, put themselves in Sansa situation and see what decisions they would make. I think they would be surprised how similar that their logic is.

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