Maisie Williams: the brave Arya Stark


Once again HBO give us the opportunity to meet an actor from Game of Thrones. Maisie Williams portrays Arya Stark, the little girl from the family.

But Arya is not like any other lady. She doesn’t want to marry any guy and have children. She wants to fight and explore Westeros like her brothers.

Along the show, Arya has to overcome some problems she will find in her long journey. But she will do it with strength and courage.

For her first role in her acting career, Maise had to make a couple of training sessions and learn how to use a sword with her left hand to portray perfectly her character.

In the Q&A with HBO Maisie has answered to some of the fans’ questions about her character on the show, how she prepares for the fighting scenes and what would come up next for her.

What did you parents think when you were going to be starring in a HBO series?

I’m going to be completely honest but we didn’t know what HBO was and had to Google it. We didn’t watch TV and I never did acting before! We then realized how big the shows are and how big this could be. They were really proud of me and I was getting to that age where you realize you can’t really do everything you want to do….you have to make your own destiny to suit your lifestyle. When Game of Thrones came up I never looked back and it’s opened so many doors for me. I’m so happy with my life now and my family has been supportive and been with me every step of the way. It’s going really, really well!

How much time did you practice sword fighting for your role?

The first season I did a couple of training sessions with the stunt team and then for this season I didn’t have as much for anything but a couple of sessions and practicing in between takes!

Was it hard for you trying to use your left hand to fight? Because you are not left-handed.

When I first started I thought it was going to be great! It was very hard and a lot of the time the choreography was made up with me using my right hand and then they had to change it because they realized I had to be using my left hand instead! Once you do it once you have to keep doing it because we keep getting more seasons and stuff. It’s great fun so I don’t mind!

Where does Arya find her strength and what is like to portray her?

I think Arya finds her strength in home. She’s very far from home and is trying to get there but she doesn’t know her family is looking for her. She finds her strength in the sentiment “when she finds home everything will be ok.”

What kind of things you think you would have in common with Arya?

I guess I’m a bit of a tomboy and can be quite resourceful.

How challenging was for you to pretend to be a boy after Ned Stark’s death?   

Not very, it was really the hair, make up and costume departments that did most of the hard work!

You portray a character whose journey is constantly changing. What have you learned from working with new actors every season?

I’ve learned so much from people because I was so new coming into this. I kind of felt a step behind but from watching other people I learned a lot. Everyone has their different styles and you just watch what you like and learn your own way. I’m so thankful to be working with such fantastic actors. I have all this experience now and I’m so young. It’s been really great and I hope it continues.

Which was your favourite Arya’s scene so far?

My favorite scene to watch with Arya in was Ned’s beheading. My favorite scene to actually act in were the scenes with Charles Dance as Tywin. Reading them on the paper I was nervous to be working with Charles because I’ve seen him act and never met him but coming into shooting he was such a nice good and enjoyed the scenes very much!

Do you have any acting/dancing gigs coming up?

I’m about to go onto a film called “We Are Monsters.” I’m really looking forward to it and it’s a fantastic script and cast. Dancing-wise we’re going to do our trilogy exam in college and it consists of pieces we need to put together…monologues and stuff like that. It’s been a really good year so far and I’m excited for the rest of it. There’s a lot of good things coming up.

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