The mystery of Twisted


How would it be like feeling that your best friend, the person that you grow up with killed someone? Would you believe it? Would you fear him? And worst, when he came back after 5 years, would you talk to him or would you stay away from him?

All this questions can be reflected in the new TV show from ABC, “Twisted”, in which Danny Desai killed his aunt when he was 11 and he returns to his hometown and tries to reconnect with Jo and Lacey, their best friend from his childhood.

But another murder has happened in town and everyone suspects from Danny. How will everything be resolved?

In a conversation with The Outsider Argentina, Andy Reaser, one of the writers from the show, spoke about the main characters, the process of writing and the feedback from “Twisted”.

What is “Twisted” about?

Twisted is about three young friends who went through an unimaginable tragedy.  After being separated for five years, we are going to see if it’s possible for them to reconnect.

How did you come up with the idea of the show?

The series is inspired by a true story.

What can you tell us about the main characters?

The main characters are Jo Masterson, who retreated into a shell after the tragedy. Lacey Porter, who coped with the difficulty by becoming a social butterfly, and Danny Desai, the boy who hurt them both and hopes to win them over again.

How have you worked with the psychological part from the characters, since “Danny” is called often as a “sociopath” or the girls’ behavior, since they have to live with the feeling that their friend killed his aunt?

We are trying to make the show as real and grounded as possible, and that means drawing upon our own memories from childhood and imagining the way we might react under such extraordinary circumstances.

How is the process of writing the script for this show? Do you think about an entire season or do you write a couple of episodes and you see what happen? Is there a team of writers or do you write alone? Do the actors have to follow strictly the script or are they allow to improvise?

We begin the year by coming up with a story plan for the whole season.  Then we break each episode up and focus on the individual story, then one or two writers break off to work on individual scripts.  There is not a lot of improvisation on a series like this, because the mystery story has been planned out meticulously, and the actors don’t even know how the season is going to end!

Would the secrets and the judgment from the people in town play a significant part on the show?

Yes.  Because of his past, Danny has a reputation in the town, and he has a lot of people to win over if he ever hopes to have a normal life.

Without spoiling much, should we have to expect for more murders?

No comment 🙂

Which is the message from “Twisted”?

At its core, Twisted is a show about friendship and fitting in. Everyone knows what it’s like to feel like an outsider, and everyone, on some level, has the desire to belong to a community.  In our case, we think about this in terms of how every story will affect Jo, Lacey and Danny — their lives at home, at school, and with each other.

Which feedback are you receiving from the fans?

So far we have been overwhelmed by the response of our fans.  We’re really proud of the emotional stories and the mystery that we’ve created, and we think fans will be drawn in and satisfied as the season continues.

Samantha Schuster