Cédric Hanriot GroOovematic: jazz is life


The jazz music has a particularity that not every genre has: have a musical knowledge and the ability to improvise while playing.

At least that’s the opinion of Cédric Hanriot, a french jazz musician, who since 2011 started playing with the bassist Bertrand Beruard and the drummer Baptiste Pinet, creating “Cédric Hanriot GroOovematic”.

A couple of weeks ago they have been playing in Argentina for the first time.

In a conversation with The Outsider Argentina, Cédric spoke about his group and his show in our country.

How did the band start?

The band was created 2 years ago in 2011. I have been playing with bassist Bertrand Beruard for many years (we actually started playing music together, and used to live in the same area in France) and we hired a young drummer Jean Baptiste Pinet whose aesthetic about music is quite similar to mine.

Why have you decided to play jazz? Do you play covers or your own songs?

Jazz for me is similar to life. There’s a huge part of improvisation in jazz music and in order to make it work, you need 2 main things: use therefore learn a vocabulary/grammar (musical knowledge) and be able to let it go while playing (in order to improvise truly) – Jazz reminds me of life in many aspects. Jazz breaks down barriers and creates opportunities for mutual understanding and tolerance.

You have defined your music as a mixture of the history and the present, what can you tell us about it?

Each of the three of us has his own influences. I love impressionism, blues, afro american musics – Bertrand’s favorite music are world music as well as rock music. Jean Baptiste’s favorite music is traditional jazz as well as hip hop. The three of us brings his own personal influences with him when playing the songs, which makes our music unique.

Do you have any influence?

I have many influences, I love harmony (Maurice Ravel, Chopin, as well as Olivier Messiaen), but also jazz pianists (wynton kelly, brad mehldau, herbie hancock,..), string quartets, hip hop (common, pharell williams), pop music.

How do you work within the group?

We try to rehearse every month and more if possible. Trying to find different ways of playing the same tunes (different tempos, different moods).

I usually bring a tune with harmony and melody and then we altogether find a way to play it. We decide which drum pattern, which bass line, which tempo are the best for the tune. Then we rehearse the tune till we know it by heart and then we work more deeply on it: work on some reharmonisations, polyrythms, in order to be kinda free on form.

Have you been in Argentina before? Why did you come to Argentina to play?

We have never been to Argentina before. We got contacts from venues here through a friend of us and that’s how we got the opportunity to come here to play. We have been to Asia, Europe but never been to South America, so it was worth coming here.

How was it like playing in Argentina? How was the react from the Argentinian’s fans?

So far it has been great. Very warm and friendly audiences. Audience are part of the show: they give us energy and we give them energy, it’s like a 2 way relationship.

Are you going to release an album soon? What can you tell us about that?

My 2nd album under my name, and with this project “groOovematic” will be released in late 2013. We are going to Asia (Japan, China, etc) in late 2013 and will be touring in Europe in 2014.

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