Eva La Rue: actress & jewelry designer

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Life is about combining work with things that we love doing. And that’s what Eva La Rue has been doing in all her projects, from the very beginning with her lessons until her last acting job on CSI: Miami.

In that criminal TV show she has portrayed Natalia Boa Vista for many years, character who worked at first as a DNA analyst and then she was accepted to be part of the team.

Nowadays, she has been away from acting and started designing her own jewelry, which inspires her creativity. Nevertheless, she wants to keep acting and we might see her in some new project again.

In a conversation with The Outsider Argentina, Eva spoke about her acting career, her work on “Beckstrand Cancer Foundation” and her jewelry project.

How did you start acting?

When I was very young, my mother was a professional dance teacher and so she started my sister and I out taking dance classes.  I loved dancing and soon that led to singing lessons, acting lessons and then performing.  I was fortunate to grow up less than an hour outside of Hollywood so I got an agent and eventually a manager and I started modeling and getting parts in commercials at a young age.  Eventually the television and film roles started coming my way and before you knew it, I was a working actress.  I love what I do.  I could not think of anything else I would rather be doing.

What did “All My Children” mean for your career, since it was one of your most important roles on a TV show and you received an Emmy nomination for it?

I loved my time on All My Children.  It was one of the best experiences I could have ever had.  The only hard part of being on All My Children was that I had to move away from my family and friends in Los Angeles because All My Children was shot in New York.  Very quickly I made great friends in New York including Sarah Michelle Gellar and Kelly Ripa.  Really, all the actors and crew became my family.  We were all so tight.  I learned so much from that experience.  Daytime television is such an incredible training ground because we shoot so many pages of script every day.  It really sets an actor up with a ton of experience and a strong work ethic.  I also got married to my leading man and had my daughter because of being on All My Children.  I am so sad that All My Children ended on television but I guess it is having some success on the inter-net.  I wish the inter-net show well!

How was your experience of portraying your character Natalia Boa Vista for so many years and to be on such as successful show as “CSI: Miami”? How did you prepare yourself for the role?

I loved my job on CSI: Miami.  I had just left All My Children and was moving back to Los Angeles as a single mom with no job.  The role just fell in my lap.  I had to audition in New York on tape and they sent the tape to Los Angeles and before you knew it, I was hired.  I have been so lucky and fortunate.  When I joined the show, they already had some seasons under their belt so I was really nervous.  Immediately the rest of the cast was so welcoming and helpful towards me.  Emily was one of the first ones who really reached out to me and the others followed.  I miss that whole cast and crew everyday.  It was the greatest job ever.  The only thing that I did not love so much about the job was in having to memorize all of those scientific and medical terms.  You have no idea how difficult it is to say all this technical jargon and have to look like you actually know what you are saying.  It is amazing how much I learned on that show.  Crime scene investigations and the technologies involved are fascinating.

You’re also the national spokesperson for the “Beckstrand Cancer Foundation”, how did you get involve with this organization and what can you tell us about it?

I did a magazine shoot and wore this beautiful gown by a designer named Oday Shakar.  (He eventually designed my wedding gown.)  Oday was on the Board of Directors at Beckstrand and at the time they were looking for a spokesperson.  I had ended my work with the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition and I wanted to stay connected to a cancer charity.  I met with Beckstrand I know right away that this was the place for me.  Beckstrand does not do research.  They basically offer everyday financial relief for cancer patients and their families who are going through cancer treatments.  Beckstrand assesses the patients’ needs and determines if they will help them pay their rent, mortgage, by them groceries or gas or perhaps pay for babysitting services.  Even though you have medical insurance, if you can’t work, who is paying your gas and electric?  The answer is…nobody.   This is where Beckstrand comes in.  Beckstrand also offers art therapy to children who are in the hospital undergoing treatment and they offer college scholarships to cancer patients and survivors.  Beckstand is a wonderful organization and they are so transparent that I always feel confident and comfortable that we are operating with the best integrity!  www.Beckstrand.org

Which are your projects for this year?

It was so nice to have a year off after CSI: Miami got cancelled.  Right after I left the show, I jumped into a Hallmark film and then I started working on my own jewelry line.  I am currently selling my jewelry on television in Canada and Brazil.  I was raised in the Baha’i Faith so a lot of my designs are inspired by the Baha’i 9 pointed star.  I love to design my jewelry and experiment with various metals and stones.  It keeps my creative side moving when I am not acting.  I think I have been away from acting for long enough so I just told my manager and agents that I am ready to get out there again so hopefully I will find some fun projects.  Aside from that I continue my work with Beckstrand and I love hanging out with my family and friends and especially my daughter and husband.

You can find more about her projects in www.EvaLaRue.com and follow her in Twitter as @EvaLaRueCappoo

Samantha Schuster