Brittany Curran: a young actress with a great future

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It seems to be a mystery and terrifying year for Brittany Curran. But not in a bad way. This year the actress has filmed two horror movies and is currently portraying Pheobe in “Twisted”, the newest drama from ABC Family.

“Backmask”, one of the horror films, in which she plays Reign, a sassy girl on the tougher side with lots of emotional levels, and “Twisted” are two of her favorites projects. She also considers “Men of a Certain Age” a great opportunity she had.

She likes portraying Pheobe because she is unpredictable, friendly and intense, sometimes too much, but she passes through the screen with her kindness.

In a conversation with The Outsider Argentina, Brittany spoke about her beginnings, her role on “Twisted” and her dream’s characters.

How did you start acting?

When I was about 9 years old, my dad brought me to a Britney Spears concert in Worcester, Massachusetts and I saw a posting for acting classes. I told my dad that I wanted to try acting classes. The next week I started taking acting classes on Boston and a few months after that I went to a convention in Los Angeles. An agent and manager in LA spotted me, signed me to a contract, and about 7 months later my dad, my mom, and my little brother Ryan moved with me out to California! My first job was MadTV. I remember finding out that I booked MadTV while I was in a Halloween store in Toluca Lake picking out my Halloween costume. My manager called me with the good news when I was in the check-out line and I could hardly believe it!

How did you get the opportunity to be on “Twisted”?

My agent sent me the sides (portion of the script) for my character over the weekend. I fell in love with the character and went in that Tuesday to audition for the producers at the CBS Radford studios. I thought it went well, then the very next day I was sitting in my living room meditating, was in an incredibly relaxed state and got a call from my agent. My agent’s assistant Chelsea was on the phone first, and just by the excited sound of her voice, I knew I had booked it. She put me through to my two agents and my manager and they told me that I had been offered the role of Phoebe! I was so excited that I hopped around my living room after I hung up the phone.

How can you describe your character “Pheobe”?

Phoebe is a high school girl who loves the limelight. A bit of a perfectionist, she can be a bit intense and over-bearing at times, but she always means well. She loves making friends, even if she tends to scare them away by wanting to be their friend TOO much. But, ultimately, she proves to be an honest, caring, and true friend once you get to know her.

How is it like portraying “Pheobe” and be a part of “Twisted”?

I love portraying Phoebe because she’s always a little bit unpredictable. There’s one scene where I walk up to Jo (Maddie Hasson), make a comment to her, then stick a cupcake in my mouth. The moment was so unpredictable and funny that both of us could not stop cracking up at the end of just about every take. So as a solution, when it was her close-up, I’d have to avert my eyes from making eye-contact with her, and vice versa when it was my close-up. We just couldn’t look each other in the eye because we’d lose our composure again and start cracking up.

Without spoiling much, what can you tell us about what’s going to happen with “Pheobe” this season?

All sporadic freak-outs and over-reactions aside, deep down Phoebe is a genuine and kind friend. But that’s all I can say!!

You’ve made two horror movies this year, “Backmask” and “Capture”, what can you tell us about your work on these movies? How is it like portraying characters in this kind of genre? And when are they going to be released?

I shot “Backmask” in Rhode Island (beautiful state!) and loved every second of it. Definitely one of my favorite projects I’ve ever worked on. It’s a psychological thriller/horror. I played Reign, a sassy girl on the tougher side with lots of emotional levels. My character kicked a lot of ass in Backmask. It was awesome, I did almost 100% of my stunts. My leading man Kelly Blatz did almost all of his stunts too. In one scene our coordination was just a few inches off and he accidently punched me in the jaw. He felt SO bad, it was hilarious. At least now I know I can take a punch. Backmask will be coming out in theaters around Halloween 2013.

“Captured” was also very fun. I played Julie, a punk rock singer who has had a rough past. I loved that with this character I got to sing and perform and wear sexy little outfits AND have gritty emotional, terrifying scenes. Such a great range. “Captured” will also be released in 2013. With this kind of genre, it’s fun to completely disappear into my character and live in their terrifying world. Call it masichistic, but as an actor, aren’t we all?

For being 23 years old, you’ve made so many roles on TV and movies, which of them was the one that you are most proud of being part of?

My two favorite projects so far would have to be “Backmask” and “Twisted.” I love my characters because they both have a lot of depth and range. The casts of the two productions are also amazing and I’ve made a lot of new friendships from both. “Men of a Certain Age” was a good one two. Playing Ray Romano’s daughter was an honor. When I was a little girl I actually had a crush on Ray Romano because I thought he was so cute. So when I was cast on the show and got to give his character a kiss on the cheek in some scenes, I was secretly very happy.

Which would your dream role be like?

Two things. I’d love to be in an English historical period piece. I’d also love to be in a gritty character-driven drama that takes the characters on a journey across the country in a car.

You can check out her website: and follow her on Twitter @BrittanyCurran

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