The actor and comedian David Koechner


David Koechner has made a lot of different roles on movies and TV shows, standing out for the comedy genre. He started his career in “Saturday Night Live”, a sketch comedy and variety show.

He also appeared in the famous show “The Office”, in which he portrayed Todd Packer, Michael Scott’s (played by Steve Carell) best friend and traveling salesman; and in the movies “Anchorman” and “Anchorman 2”, portraying Champ Kind, a sportscaster. This last film is coming out on December 20th.

In a conversation with The Outsider Argentina, David spoke about his beginnings, his most popular characters and his future projects.

How did you start acting?

After college I moved to Chicago and started studying Improvisation with Del Close at the ImprovOlympic now commonly referred to as the I.O. I was also taking classes at The Second City. I was fortunate enough to go to class three nights a week and do stage work in class. I also started performing in shows around town three nights a week. I wrote sketch shows with fellow performers and eventually started taking acting classes with various teachers in Chicago. I auditioned and was hired at The Second City for their touring company and eventually landed a spot on one of the resident company stages. My first Television job was Saturday Night Live 1995-1996.

What can you tell us about your role in “The Office”?

I played Todd Packer. He is Michael Scott’s best friend. Todd Packer is a reflection of the character “Finchy”, created for the original “The Office” in Briton. He is a traveling salesman who is Michael Scott’s long time friend.

How was it like portraying Todd Packer for so many years?

Packer is a fun character to play because he is nothing like myself in real life. He is quite a lonely despicable person, but he does not know it.

How is it like playing some characters that are really different as you?

It is very gratifying. I get to play opposites or composites of people I know.

You’re a comedy guy, but how was it like playing other genres?

I just finished a film called Cheap Thrills. I think it will come out next February. It is a dark story and I get to play something very different from previous roles.

How is it like doing just a character’s voice like Dick in “American Dad”?

That is very much fun. I come in for a few minutes and record the voice. The writers and director are there to coach you through and all done. Go home.

You have made many characters trough your career; do you have any dream character or program you would like to do?

I think one day I will get a chance to portray a complex and troubled person who may be funny and terrifying.

What can you tell us about “Anchorman 2”?

The same characters are all in the new movie, and some funny new ones. It takes place around 1980 and deals with 24hr news. The movie will be in theaters December 20 in the United States.

Which other projects do you have for this year?

A Canadian film called “No Clue” that stars Brent Butt, “Cheap Thrills” in February 2014, I just completed a pilot for a sit com called “Whitey” in which I play the lead character. I will start filming a movie titled “My Asshole Neighbor” in mid August.

Samantha Schuster