Kari Kimmel: the girl behind the songs

kari kimmel press shots

We usually listen to different songs in movies or TV shows, but sometimes we don’t know much about the author of them.

Kari Kimmel’s songs have been featured in film and television shows such as: Gilmore Girls, 10 things I hate about you, Greek, WALL-E, Pretty Little Liars, among others. She also had camera performances on the shows “The Middle” and “The Voice”.

It is common that a song that she has recorded appears on a scene in a film or a TV show, but sometimes she has to write a song for a special series, like it happened with “The Fosters”.

In a conversation with The Outsider Argentina, Kari spoke about her career, her latest EP “Fix You Up” and the working of her newest album “Black”.

How did you start doing music?

I started singing probably as early as 3 years old and wrote my first song at 13.  I always had melodies in my head and I loved writing poetry.  I guess I started doing music when I realized putting those two together was writing a song.

How can you define your music?

I don’t think there is one definition.  I do so many typed of music- everything from acoustic to dance to rock to even a little country.  The album that I’m working on right now, I would call… Dirty rootsy rock with a bit of country.

You write your own songs, which is the source of your inspiration?

Some of my songs are from personal experiences and some are just a mood I might be in from something I heard, or saw on tv, or even had a dream about.  Whenever I write a song, I am always trying to put myself in that situation and truly feel those emotions.  When they’re about my own life experiences, that isn’t too hard to do. 🙂

How is it like hearing your music on so many TV shows and movies?

It’s always fun to hear my songs on tv or in films.  It’s such a process to get to that point. Starting with writing the song, then the production, then the vocals, then mixing, then sending it out to music supervisors, then finally hearing it on tv and being able to share what I’ve created with the world.  Pretty rad.

Have you ever written a song for a special show or do the producers or writers from a show choose a song that you’ve written before?

I have written specifically for shows (like the theme song for The Fosters).  In that instance, I was given a synopsis of the show, and general ideas of what the network was looking for song-wise.  But, it’s more common that a song I have already recorded works for a scene in a film or tv show.

You have made camera performances on the show “The Middle” as well as “The Voice”, what can you tell us about that experience?

On camera performances are really fun!  The Middle was especially fun because I had so many costume changes. The process of filming a scene takes a lot longer than I would have ever thought, but there are so many components to get right- and it’s totally worth it in the end.  In fact, I have another on camera performance coming up in a film… can’t say what it is quite yet, but if you follow me on Facebook, I’ll be telling every one soon!!

Which is your latest EP “Fix You Up” about?

Every song on the EP is pretty emotional.  Fix You Up (the title track) is about trying to save somebody from themselves.   Every album or EP that I release always has some sort of a musical theme- Fix You Up happens to have a bit of a throwback to 80’s pop- which I love.

Are you thinking about making an album soon? What can you tell us about it?

I am working on my new album “Black” right now!  The single Black, was used as the trailer for The Walking Dead (Season 3).  It had such a huge response; I decided to do an album around it.  The songs are very dark and rootsy… soulful and rock at the same time.  It’s really the music I’m most passionate about.  I am hoping to release the album later this year!

Samantha Schuster