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rj brown

RJ Brown is mostly known as Thomas West on “The Carrie Diaries”, the guy who is academically perfect and used to compete with Mouse, Carrie’s best friend, but in the end of the season one they started to date.

But he started acting when he was 10 years old. He played in a lot of local shows and now he got the opportunity of being in the prequel of one of the most popular shows like “Sex and the City”.

Beside this, RJ is also a theatrical producer and he is working on “Press play”, a multimedia dance event, which takes place in a video game world and tells a post-apocalyptic story. But to develop this production he needs the help from the people. He made an indiegogo campaign to raise money to move it into a bigger space.

In a conversation with The Outsider Argentina, RJ spoke about his character on “The Carrie Diaries”, what’s coming up for him on the TV show and his job as a producer.

How did you start acting?

I started acting when I was 10 years old. It started out as just for fun. I followed my best friend Julius to his tap class one day. I took the class with him and realized I really enjoyed performing. From there I auditioned for Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. I was cast, and created many friendships that kept me auditioning and participating in local shows. As the years progressed and my experience increased I realized that I REALLY enjoyed performing and wanted to pursue it as a career.

How did you get the opportunity of being part of “The Carrie Diaries”?

I was in New York auditioning and working one of my MANY day jobs. I got an appointment from my agent to audition for “Cute Guy” on The Carrie Diaries. I auditioned for “Cute Guy” in December. Jessica and Katja, casting directors at Blichfeld casting, didn’t think I was right for “Cute Guy” but told me I should come back in January to audition for a guy named “West.” From there it was history. haha

What does the show means to you?

The show spans the test of time. It takes an audience who enjoyed Sex and the City and shows them the early years of TV’s beloved Carrie Bradshaw, and it also introduces Carrie to the newer generation of budding teens. I’m grateful to be a part of something like that.

How can you describe you character Thomas West? What do you like about him?

Thomas West is a confident, laid back, athletic scholar who loves Mouse for who she is. I like the fact that Thomas is confident yet compassionate enough to understand when to talk about his accomplishments and when not to. This humility allows West to become one of the most liked students at Castlebury.

How do you prepare yourself before filming?

I read the script first, so I know what’s going on then I memorize the lines for my scenes. After I feel confident with the lines I begin to play around interpretation and portrayal. For me, the real work starts when I actually rehearse the scene with the other actor. It’s then that I’m able to make the scene flow naturally, I’m able to respond to their choices and create the necessary drama or comedy the scene requires.

What can you tell us about West’s relationship with Mouse? What is coming up for this couple?

As far as I know, the couple is going strong! So strong in fact that we’re becoming a little more adventurous and stepping outside of our comfort zone, both emotionally and sexually…

How is it like being also a theatrical producer? Which is your work there?

I’ve always wanted to be a theatrical producer. Ever since college I’ve been producing works that I like to see. I enjoy seeing something I had a hand in creating entertain people. With that being said, this is the first time I’ve been a creator/writer/producer for an off-broadway show, while also filming for a network television show! It’s a little hard at times, mainly because my co-producer and I have to find time to meet/talk and with our schedules it’s a little difficult. Not to mention a lot of our designers live in Los Angeles, so it’s definitely a lot of work. With all of that being said, I think all the work we put into it is definitely worth it. I get to see something I created performed and seen by tens or hundreds of people. It’s a humbling experience.

How is “Press Play” about?

Press play is a multimedia dance event with a set made up entirely with projections, scored by electronic music producers with no dialogue. It takes place in a video game world and tells the post apocalyptic story of when the New World Order takes over and it follows the boy who has been chosen to defeat them.

What do you need to develop this production? How can people help with it?

We need support!!! We have an indiegogo campaign to help us raise funds. Any donation made to this website is tax-deductible. Also getting the word out would be helpful also. We want to see this production do well, so we have the opportunity to move it into a bigger space, so telling all of your friends to tweet, facebook, or email about it would be extremely helpful.

Here are the necessary links to our information!

Donate: igg.me/at/pressplay

Link to our Facebook, have them like it so they can see updates as they happen: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Two-Entertainment-Presents-PRESS-PLAY/435540809895533

Link to our website, they’ll be able to buy tickets through here, donate, and see updates: www.pressplaytheshow.com

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