Kass Morgan: One hundred teens to save Earth


Earth is now a toxic atmosphere and there are no humans there. They live in space stations far away, without knowing if the planet will be habitable again.

But the government leaders want to reclaim their homeland before it’s too late. That’s why they are going to send one hundred juvenile delinquents on a high-stakes mission to recolonize Earth.

They have to confront the dangers of this new world and try to form a community, but their past come to haunt them.

This is the new epic sci-fi series from the author Kass Morgan, which has also been selected to be a TV show. After the released she has started to write the sequel.

How did you develop your interesting on science fiction? How did you come up with the idea of “The 100”?

I’ve loved science fiction for years. In sixth grade, the boy I liked gave a book report on ENDER’S GAME. I went to the library to check it out that afternoon, planning to read a few chapters so I’d have something to talk to him about, and ended up staying up the whole night reading. After that, I was hooked! I love books that allow readers to explore distant solar systems alongside characters they care deeply for. That’s what got me so excited about THE 100. I was intrigued by the idea of following a diverse group of kids and imagining how they’d react to an extraordinary situation.

You’re also writing the sequel, what can you tell us about it?

I’m having a blast working on the sequel. The characters are growing in ways that I hadn’t anticipated, which is always fun for a writer, when your characters begin to feel like real people with their own needs, quirks, and demands—even when they sometimes run contrary to your plans!

How is your process of writing?

I’ve had the chance to write all over the country this summer. Parts of the book were written surrounded by redwood trees in Northern California, other sections came to life by the ocean in Maine. I can write anywhere, but a change of scenery is always helpful and can inspire you in ways you never realized.

The book was released in September and it has already been selected to be a TV show, how do you feel about that? What can people expect about the story?

I’m SUPER excited for the show! I saw the first episode, and it was like waking up and seeing your dream play out on screen. Totally surreal and completely mesmerizing. The writers have done a wonderful job adapting the story for the different medium, and the actors couldn’t be more perfect. The storylines are going to diverge at some point, but the characters are still going to face the same type of challenges as they fight for love and survival on a planet humans abandoned years ago.

Samantha Schuster