Mike King: the power to influence people


Mike King wanted to be an actor to influence others the way his favorite actors, such as Tom Hanks, Denzel Washington, Russell Crow, among others, had influenced him.

He doesn’t know if he has achieved that goal yet, but thanks to the social media he can tell if people loved or hated his character in TV shows or movies.

Mike has worked on “Last Resort”, portraying Petty Officer Kevin Hawkes, and he has filmed “Antique Case”, a suspense thriller, in which he portrays Trent. Besides, he has already completed other short projects, “Die Schwarze”, a film about race, identity, white power and love; and “Beyond Duty”, which explores family, loose, hope and war, and in which he has co-produced and partly directed.

And he was also asked to direct his first film, “Chasing Denzel”, which is set to film in early January.

In a conversation with The Outsider Argentina, Mike King spoke about his beginnings, the influence in people and his dream role.

How did you start acting?

I’ve always been fascinated by Tv/Movies as a kid. My mother used to say, that she could stick me in front of Tv and wouldn’t say a word, that I sat and watched “On Golden Pond” from beginning to end at 5yrs old.  The point where I knew I had to pursue acting, happened working at DisneyWorld, I danced in a parade and the joy, laughter, tears that I brought to people, I knew that was something I wanted more of. I wanted to keep effecting people, but on a larger scale.

How did you get the opportunity to work on “Last Resort”? How was the experience of being on a TV show like that?

I landed on Last Resort the old fashion way, I auditioned for it.  I can’t say enough good things about working on that show!  From A to Z everyone was fantastic, Karl Gajdusek & Shawn Ryan brilliantly wrote/produced the show! Karl being there on set every day, laughing, joking, giving we, the actors, helpful insight to our characters or the scenes.  Kevin Hooks produced and directed my 1st episode, to work with him was intimidating and incredibly empowering. Kevin, along with the other spectacular directors, Paris Barclay (SOA executive prod & director) and Michael Offer, whom directed 3 episodes including the finale, brought so much out of you as an actor, plus a ton of laughs.  Working with Andre Braugher and Robert Patrick was a dream come true! I’ve been a fan of Andre’s myself since I watched him in Glory, 20yrs ago, he has such a commanding presence on screen, on set or just in a room, hence why he played the captain and to say he is a giving actor, would be an understatement.  Robert Patrick was the T-1000, need I say more! Working with Robert was such a contrast to the characters he plays in film/Tv, he brings more laughter, smiles to the cast and crew more than anyone, but when it’s time to shoot, he flips the switch. I can never thank any of these men, the writers, the crew or the ton of other talented actors, enough for all the gifts they gave to me as an actor and now many as friends. To put it simply, it was the best experience of my life as an actor to date.

Did you have any role model to portray Petty Officer Kevin Hawkes?

When it came to playing Hawkes, I looked at the character and thought how could I relate to him in my life. In the 1st episode it wasn’t that far of a stretching seeing how I had been the OCS for USMC. When I returned to the show, that took a little more imagination and digging, being that I’m an only child and had to mourn the death of a sibling.

What can you tell us about the new movie you’re filming, “Antique case”? How can you describe your character “Trent”? Is there any release date yet?

Antique Case is a suspense thriller and takes a look at relationships. Do you really know the person sleeping next to you at night or the friend you’ve had for years, who are the people truly that you surround yourself with?  Trent is a that guy you’d love to go out with, have a few beers and know that you’re in for a good time. He’s not a man to be crossed and over the years has done things most wouldn’t to get what he ultimately wants. There’s no release date yet.

I’ve read that you wanted to be an actor to influence others the way your favorite actor had influenced you.  Which actors inspired you to follow their path? Do you think that you achieved the goal of influence some people or does it takes more time to do it?

Wow, good question! Tom Hanks, Denzel Washington, Russell Crow, William H. Macy, Jason Isaacs, Mel Gibson, Sean Connery, Sean Penn, Hugh Jackman, Christian Bale, Kevin Bacon, DiCaprio, Daniel Day-Lewis, Ben Foster, Tom Hardy and many, many, more..  All these actors have inspired me or left me in awe in one movie or several, I’m drawn to character actors more.  If I affect just one person in audience, then my job is done, but every role doesn’t necessarily allow that to happen.  Social media today has it’s plus side, it’s has allow people to reach out to me, letting me know they loved or hated my character, which is a great compliment, meaning I’ve done my job. Have I achieved my goal… I’d have to say no, because I want to do it on a much larger scale and more often. But yes as well, you can’t deny the millions of people that tuned into Last Resort each week and became fans of Hawkes.

Which would your dream role be like?

That’s a hard one!  What boy growing up doesn’t want to be a super hero or an action hero such as Russell Crow in Gladiator or Matt Damon in Bourne. The roles that I imagine myself playing are Crow in 3:10 to Yuma, Hanks in Philadelphia, Bale in The Fighter, Kevin Bacon in Murder in the First and Isaacs in the Patriot.  But I think your dream role comes to you, it chooses you and you may not even know it till you’re filming.  Let’s be honest, brilliant writing breeds brilliant characters, but not casting the right actor for the lead, hiring the right director or even actors to play opposite that character can leave the script less than brilliant. Sometimes the dream role is all the stars aligning…

Which other projects do you have for this year?

I’ve actually completed to other short projects intended for festival and hopefully growing into big things. The 1st, Die Schwarze, a film about race, identity, white power and love. The 2nd, Beyond Duty, explores family, loose, hope, war, duty to country and the solider next to you. I co-produced and partly directed for the 1st time on Beyond Duty. I’m currently working on an untitled project to be pitched as a feature, when completed. I was also asked to direct my 1st film and I’m actually putting all the pieces together right now to make that the best I can.  It is called “Chasing Denzel” and is set to shoot in early January. Who knows what else this year will hold, but I’m hitting the ground with my feet running and ready for the next challenge!

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