Ingenious: good things would happen

Ingenious is a movie about a small-time inventor, Matt (Dallas Roberts), and a slick salesman, Sam (Jeremy Renner), who came up with one product that becomes a worldwide phenomenon.

After a Kickstarter campaign, “Ingenious” has been watched in many festivals, such as Opening Night Film or Closing Night Film. Besides, it won a prize for Best Feature Film in Phoenix.

In a conversation with The Outsider Argentina, the writer Mike Cram spoke about the movie, the actors and the festivals in which Ingenious was featured.

What is “Ingenious” about?

A small-time inventor and slick salesman after many failed products, come up with one product that becomes a worldwide phenomenon.

How did you come up with the idea of making “Ingenious”?

The movie is based on my own experience in marketing and product development.

What can you tell us about the main characters? How was it like working with Dallas Roberts and Jeremy Renner?

Dallas Roberts plays Matt, who comes up with many ideas, most of them clever but impractical.  Jeremy Renner plays Sam the “world’s greatest salesman”.  Just ask him he’ll tell you.  Both Dallas and Jeremy are “actor’s actors.”  Great to work with.

Which was the repercussion from the movie at festivals?

We had a great response from top festivals, and ended up being featured in fifteen, including an Opening Night Film (Cleveland and Jerusalem) and Closing Night Film (Santa Barbara).   Plus winning Best Feature Film (Phoenix).

Why have you made a campaign on kickstarter to raise money? What have you done with the money?

Our Kickstarter campaign was successful in promoting the movie, making people aware of it.

Do you think that when Jeremy Renner became more famous with “The Hurt locker” was a little bit easier to have the opportunity to be on theaters?

Jeremy Renner’s success helped us open doors, but after that door was opened the movie had to succeed on its own merit.

How was it like achieving your goal?

It was very satisfying after all the work from a lot of good people to see the movie get recognition.

Where can people watch the movie?

It is available in Argentina on DVD.

Which is the message from the movie?

Be persistent, good things will happen.

Samantha Schuster