The other side of Ryan Liann

ryan liann

“An artist expresses him or herself through their art”. This is the quote used by Ryan Liann to describe his latest album “Forever Dreaming”. The songs talk about love and life, a side of him hidden in day to day life.

Ryan started doing music when he was very young. At the age of 14, he received a guitar for Christmas and started to write his own music. He likes having a unique sound, that is why he combines upbeat songs and ballads in his album.

One of the best shows he ever made was at the Christmas Extravaganza, an event for people with disabilities, in which many artists gave them the opportunity to attend a real live concert.

In a conversation with The Outsider Argentina, Ryan spoke about his biggest influences, his own music and the production of his official music video.

How did you start doing music?

I have always loved music and have loved performing from a very young age. I was always involved in everything music related at my school and jumped at every opportunity to perform a song.  I started my music career fully when I was about 14 years old.  I was given a guitar for Christmas that year and when I finally learnt how to play,  I started writing music and from then onwards, never wanted to do anything but music.

Which are your biggest influences?

I absolutely love music in general so it’s hard to say that I have a specific influence. I am influenced by music and people that write good music but if I had to single out a few I would probably say: Dire Straits, One Direction, Connor Maynard and The Jonas Brothers.

How can you describe your music?

I tried my best to write music that will not end up sounding monotonous. My music encompasses a variety of different styles to produce my own unique sound.  I think it has a good balance between upbeat songs and chilled songs to have you on your feet with the faster songs as well make you relax or have you in tears with the ballads on the album. If it does not do this, I have not achieved my goal.

What can you tell us about your album “Forever Dreaming”?

Forever Dreaming is basically a part of me that people in my day to day life will never know unless they listen to my album. The songs on ‘Forever Dreaming’ are all about love and life and I don’t really show this side of my personality to anyone in day to day life, it’s kind of the part of me that I keep ‘close and personal’. I guess the only way I can explain it is to refer to the quote – ‘An artist expresses him or herself through their art’, that’s what this album is for me, it is the other side of me.

Where are you playing your music?

I perform my music at concerts and multiple live venues as often as possible. I have performed my music in stadiums, Fashion shows, Charity events, big sports events, night clubs ballet productions as well as smaller stages.

Which is the audience’s reaction when they hear your music?

Well really good haha, (in my humble opinion) not everyone has the same taste in music so I can’t say that everyone screams their heads off, but the majority does.  I can go anywhere and the reaction towards my music is normally amazing, but I have to mention that my shows are basically planned out for the crowds that are into my genre of music which helps a lot. I have seen girls cry to the sad songs and guys and girls dance to the upbeat songs.  I’d say that the reaction in general is great, which as you know helps to build confidence and know that my music is appreciated.

How was it like being chosen to perform at the Christmas Extravaganza?

To have been selected as one of the artists to perform at the Christmas Extravaganza was at that point in my career, the biggest production I had ever done.  It was totally overwhelming.  The production was in true Hollywood style and involved many artists from all over the country. Only a select number of artists got chosen to be a part of this event.  I was over the moon when the call came through from my manager.  It was just the most amazing opportunity and was for such a worthy cause, giving people with disabilities and severe disabilities, people in beds and other aids, the once in a lifetime opportunity to attend a real live concert of the highest quality and production in the world, that it is still today, one of the top 5 shows of my career.

Which are your projects for this year?

I will be working closely with my manager and marketing and promotion team to further establish my brand and get my music ‘out there’.  We have a number of really big events planned which will take a lot of commitment from all of us.  Short term, the production of my official music video for ‘Wake Up Dancing’ is in progress after which we will immediately go on to produce two more music videos for songs from the publication.

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