Sophie Turner: The transformation of Sansa Stark


It wouldn’t be easy for a young girl to travel to a foreign place and have to stay there alone, without her family and surrounded by people who don’t treat her well.

But Sansa Stark from “Game of Thrones” is not any girl. She had to survive to her father’s death, Joffrey’s tortures and her marriage with Tyrion Lannister, among other tragedies.

She has had a transformation from the innocent girl, who wanted to marry Joffrey, the King’s son and be Queen, to the hopeless woman who doesn’t know what will happen to her. Sansa met Margaery Tyrell, actual Joffrey’s wife, who took her under her wing and educated her to survive in that world.

Sansa is portrayed by Sophie Turner, whose career started with “Game of Thrones”. This year, she is also acting in the movie “Barely Lethal” as Heather and is filming “Alone”.

In a conversation with The Outsider Argentina, Sophie spoke about the transformation of Sansa, her relationship with Margaery Tyrell and what is going to happen to her character on Season 4.

How did you get the opportunity of being on “Game of Thrones”? What did you like about the script when you first read it?

I got the opportunity to be on GoT through school when my drama teacher put me up for the role of Sansa, I was very kind of nonchalant about it and forgot to tell my mum until she got the call through about the call-back. I don’t actually remember the first time that I read the Game of Thrones script. It must have been good though otherwise I wouldn’t be here today!

How did you prepare yourself to portray Sansa Stark?

I’d never acted before Sansa in my life so I didn’t really know how to prepare. I kind of developed her over a long period of time without even really noticing and now it’s the easiest thing in the world to slip into Sansa without any preparation.

We have seen a deep transformation in Sansa’s life, how was it like portraying that transition from the innocent girl to the hopeless woman who had to survive a lot of tragedies?

It’s one of the most interesting story arcs that I’ve seen and that not that many storylines in Thrones that has such a huge transformation in such few seasons as Sansa’s does. It’s the most exciting thing in the world receiving these scripts because every season there’s a new version of Sansa. She’s like a snake; at the end of every season she sheds a skin.


How can you define the relationship between Sansa and Margaery? Do you think it is a sincerely friendship or is there some kind of manipulation?  How is it like acting with Natalie Dormer?

Sansa and Margaery’s relationship is, I think, strategic in the beginning from the Tyrell’s point of view. It is not until the two girls really begin to find that they have a very sincere sisterly bond and Margaery very much takes Sansa under her wing and educates her how to be a woman and survive in this world, especially using her femininity to do so. Natalie Dormer is a very giving and talented actor, she’s a wonderful person and a great friend and mentor. I’ve learnt a lot from her both as an actor and a person.

Without spoiling much, what is coming up for Sansa in Season 4?

Season 4 is probably the best season for Sansa. She’s been building up all this knowledge over the past few seasons from observing the people of the court in Kings Landing and now begins to use that knowledge to her advantage. She is also beginning to realize that she can use her femininity to manipulate others. It’s very interesting and you kind of see a whole new side to her.

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