The rise of PJ “KingPin” Wilson


Relationships. People who fall in love, people who break up. Moments in which they decide to follow their own path and have a fresh start, trying to find their happiness.

This is the main theme around PJ “KingPin” Wilson’s EP, “Rise of the Kingpin”, in which he can show the genesis of his music and who he is as an artist.

PJ’s songs “She’s so fine” and “Sinners” can be heard all over the world, like Italy, Poland, Belarus, Russia, South Africa, Australia, among other countries.

Nowadays he is about to film his music video of his single “She’s so fine”, in which he wants to show the message in the song and create a video that will make people want to watch over and over again.

In a conversation with The Outsider Argentina, PJ spoke about his influences, his recognition in Europe and his upcoming EP “Rise of the Kingpin”.

How did you start doing music?

I must admit I can’t point an exact time or place, because, music has always seemed to be a part of my life. I can remember when I was very young I would be drawn to sound, and instruments and the love of music was always nurtured within my family.  I can say that I fell in love with singing when I first heard the group Boyz II Men. I enjoyed the soulful accapella‘s and harmonies over musical grooves that had elements of Motown sound that I had heard on records my parents and siblings would play. My father and older siblings all sang at various times in their life – so that also influenced me.  I remember singing along with my CDs – I truly enjoyed it! So when people heard me singing along -they didn’t tell me to shut up – so I guess that was my first clue.  I started taking singing lessons in the 9th grade and it was in high school where I began to perform – first as a rapper, and finally as a singer.

Which are your musical influences?

Boyz II Men, Temptations, Smokey Robinson, Marvin Gaye to mention a few. Simply the Motown era of RnB and the 90’s era of RnB.

How can you describe your music?

I’d describe my music as a throwback sound with stylings of the Motown era, music/songs that have meaning in the lyrics yet great music to groove your soul. Listeners should be able to identify with situations or ideas being conveyed through the song and shake there tail to the groove.

What do you write about in your songs?

Like I’ve said many times when asked this question, the subject matter and inspiration for my songs come from experiences that people have shared with me as well as my own personal experiences. I take all this information and write a story that hopefully has pieces to it that everyone can relate to, men and women, young and old people of all backgrounds. After the lyrics are written I try to paint them with emotion in the performance.

How is it like for you that your songs “Sinners” and “She’s So Fine” were released in Europe?

I think it’s amazing and extremely exciting! I have always wanted to visit Europe! That being said Europeans have really been open and supportive of my sound.  The first places I was ever played on radio was in Italy, Poland, Belarus, Switzerland, Ukraine and Russia. Now I’m getting play on internet stations in the UK as well as Australia, south Africa and Thailand. Since having exposure in Europe I now have followers on twitter from all those various countries and I think that is so encouraging. It’s great to correspond with people who really enjoy what you are trying to do and it’s exciting that it comes from people all over the world. My hope is that one day my own country of Canada will support me as well.  But until such time I’m so happy with the support and encouragement from abroad that I will never forget!

Which are the stories behind these songs?

The first song  “Give Good bye a try “ is a song about a relationship between two people that has run its course, and it comes to a point where the couple must decide to go their separate ways to start again and find their happiness. I didn’t write that song but it gave me the subject matter for the rest of the EP.  So the EP focuses on relationships and the different phases and emotions one might go through as a result of a break up or major change in one’s life.

What can you tell us about your upcoming EP, “Rise of the Kingpin”?

Rise of the Kingpin will be my debut. My introduction to the world as PJ “KingPin” Wilson. The recording, to me is the best I have ever sounded! I am so proud and happy about this body of work. For me – making this EP was the genesis of my sound and who I am as an artist.  I had always sung in that Motown style but I grew up on 90’s RnB and was re-introduced to the classic sound of Motown in high school. So my sound is a combination of the two I believe.  Staying true to Motown Roots yet bringing a flare of the more Contemporary style. So recording this identified my sound and I wanted to be different yet familiar, even though I’m relatively still considered an unknown artist here in North America.

What can you advance us about the music video of your single “She’s so fine” you are going to film?

I won’t say too much, but through the video we want to really show the message in the song. As well, we want to make something light hearted and comical much like the melody of the song.  We want to create a video that will make you want to watch it many times over and since it will be my first ever, we want to come out with a bang! So please stay tuned!!

Before I go I’d like to thank Samantha Schuster and “The Outsider Argentina” for taking the time and giving me the opportunity to share my music and my thoughts with all of their readers. I hope one day I can go to Argentina and perform.

Samantha Schuster