Christopher Larkin: the survival of Monty on The 100

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100 juvenile delinquents arrived on Earth. They had to face new experiences and grounders who don’t want them there. Monty Green has a low profile and he is a smart and friendly guy, who was arrested for illegal distribution of pharmaceuticals on the Ark on space.

The last time we saw Monty he was trying to find Clarke and Finn, who were taken by the grounders. Suddenly, he disappeared and we saw him again when Clarke awakes in a bright white room. He is in the next room, and nearby we can read a sign that says “Mount Weather Quarantine Ward”.

Monty is portrayed by Christopher Larkin, an actor whose debut role was as the main character in “The Flamingo Rising”.  While he was studying, he had the opportunity to be a part of the off-Broadway productions.

Nowadays, he is waiting until July to start filming Season 2 of “The 100”, he did an off-Broadway play and he is about to release an EP with his band d’Artagnan this summer.

In a conversation with The Outsider Argentina, Christopher spoke about his experience in the off-Broadway productions, his character of Monty in The 100 and his relationship with Jasper.

How did you start acting?

I’ve recently been crediting a middle school production of “Hamlet”, but my first acting experience came at the end of sixth grade. There was a variety show held every year and the teachers decided to stage a number from “The King and I”. I skipped quite a few recesses to practice the waltz with my scene partner. This may have also marked my first time dancing with a girl.

What can you tell us about your debut role in “The Flamingo Rising”?

I was much too young to fully grasp what an incredible experience this was at the time. I had zero professional credits to my name and knew virtually nothing about the business. I didn’t know that opportunities like this usually only come around every once in a while (if at all) during an actor’s lifetime. I didn’t know that roles of this size are nearly non-existent for an Asian male in Hollywood. I seriously can’t remember the last time I’ve seen an Asian protagonist / narrator in an American film.

My father survived both colon and kidney cancer less than a year before, so it was a gift being able to share the experience with him. Despite the odds (especially for someone who looks like me), neither my parents nor I have ever questioned this insane career path that I’ve chosen to pursue. I think “The Flamingo Rising” is responsible in many ways for that.

How was your experience in the off-Broadway productions?

I’ve always believed that I received two degrees during my time in New York. One came from Fordham University; the other from those productions. I took the lessons I was learning in class by day and applied them directly in a professional setting by night. Most undergraduate theatre programs are great at educating students on the craft, but are pretty horrible instructing them about the business. The shows I did while still in school provided me with the best of both worlds. They also connected me with the NYC theatre community, which I’ve been very grateful to have in my life.

How did you get the opportunity of being on “The 100”?

It would’ve just been a standard audition, but I happened to be in Hawaii for a wedding when the appointment came through. I was forced to make a self-tape after a sleepless red-eye flight, which essentially ended up booking me the role. In retrospect, creating / editing my own tape allowed me freedoms that I wouldn’t have had in the audition room (i.e. rewriting certain scenes / eating tortilla chips throughout). I’m fairly certain these quirks were responsible for getting me the job.

How can you describe Monty and what can you tell us about his background?

I think it’s fair to say that Monty is the only wholesome character left by the end of season one. To my knowledge, he’s been pure of heart the entire time the hundred has been on the ground. His parents grew all the pharmaceuticals on the Ark, several of which he ended up illegal distributing while in space. It’s a petty crime, but one that marks him as a delinquent and gets him sent down to Earth. I’d be really interested in exploring the darker side of Monty (if it even exists) as time goes on.

monty and jasperWhat can you tell us about the relationship between Monty and Jasper, considering that Jasper became more popular?

That friendship was in serious danger of coming to an end after last week’s episode (I Am Become Death). Monty and Jasper were quickly pegged as the “bromance” of the series and for good reason. They were best friends up in space and are now best friends on the ground. Jasper’s response to his newfound popularity threatened to tear them apart, but they were able to make amends thanks to some pretty extreme circumstances. We’ve all come close to losing friends due to an inflated sense of ego but if those people are worth fighting for, it’s also common to forgive and forget (although you never really forget).

Is Monty going to have a love relationship along the show? What can you tell us about it?

I have hope that Monty will at least attempt a relationship sometime before our second season wraps. I can’t say with any certainty whether this will actually pan out or not, but it seems he’s well past due in that department. Falling in and out of love is a critical part of growing up. Most of the other delinquents have at least explored the possibility and I think Monty deserves the same chance. He may even end up with a broken heart, but I think that’s an important part of the process as well.

What is coming up for Monty?

To be honest, I have no clue what’s in store for Monty. I’ve heard several ideas tossed around here and there, but the writer’s room only re-assembled two weeks ago. One of the biggest things I learned last season was that none of these ideas are safe. Episodes are re-broken / rewritten up to the last minute, so it’s hard to make a prediction with any accuracy. I could list a few of my own theories, but it would definitely spoil the finale. You’ll have to keep watching to find out.

How is it like being a part of such an intense show?

It’s given me a profound sense of appreciation for our crew. They’re the ones putting in the long hours day in and day out. I was never the first to show up and the last to leave. The cast experienced its fair share of intensity throughout the season, but we all have trailers to go back to in between. We’re rarely the ones braving the elements for fourteen hours straight. But to answer your question: The exhilaration tops the exhaustion. It’s a lot of fun to shoot and even more fun to watch.

Which other projects do you have for this year?

The second season starts shooting in July, so we’re all preparing to make the move back to Vancouver within the next few weeks. This will most likely take up the rest of my year. I was fortunate enough to work on an off-Broadway play during the show’s hiatus this time around. I rarely miss living in New York City, but it was nice to reconnect with the theatre scene for a bit. My band (d’Artagnan) is set to finish recording our first official EP this summer, so I need to lay down all my guitar / vocal tracks before the month’s out.

Thanks to all the fans of “The 100” for letting me keep my job. I’m excited to get back to work.

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