Geek Cred, a show for the fan in all of us

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Can you imagine what kind of situations can be found in a Comic store? What kind of people can go there? Stop imagining, because you can watch it on Geek Cred, the new show made exclusive for fans, not only the comic’s fans, but also anyone, because we are all fan from something.

Geek Cred centers on a small band of coworkers, level-headed Callie (Michele Boyd), irresponsible fanboy Ben (Wes Robertson) and manic store manager Spencer (Daniel Beals); who can’t make it through a single work day without getting wrapped up in some sort of misadventure. And to his detriment, one of the store’s regular customers, security guard Jerome (Damion Poitier), always winds up unwillingly entangled in their shenanigans.

In a conversation with The Outsider Argentina, Daniel Beals, the creator of the show, spoke about the birth of Geek Cred, the premiere and the guest stars.

How did you come up with the idea of the TV show “Geek Cred”?

Growing up, I loved two things. Comics and TV/movies. During my junior and senior year of high school, I even had two jobs, one at a theatre and the other at a comic book store. I got everything I loved for free! (Or a really cheap discount).

Eventually I grew up — er, got older anyway — and moved to Los Angeles to work in TV and film. I’ve been very lucky to have gotten to work on funny shows, around funny people and amazing writers and directors. But none of them were doing a show about the things I enjoyed. Comics. It seemed like a no brainer environment for comedy, rife with great characters walking in and out of the shop on a daily basis! Why would you NOT want to make that show?

And that point, I knew I had to find a way to make it. Geek Cred has literally been an idea that’s been gestating in my geeky li’l brain for over 20 years now. And if I wanted this show to exist, I have to believe that comic book fans the world over want this as badly as I do. I’m hoping so anyway.

What is “Geek Cred” about?

Geek Cred is a workplace sitcom in the same vein as The Office, Parks & Rec and Brooklyn 99, but set in a comic book store. It’s similar in tone to It’s Always Sunny in that it centers around a small band of coworkers (level-headed Callie, irresponsible fanboy Ben and manic store manager Spencer) who can’t make it through a single work day without getting wrapped up in some sort of misadventure. And to his detriment, one of the store’s regular customers, security guard Jerome, always winds up unwillingly entangled in their shenanigans.

Is there going to be any guest star, besides the regular characters?

The five episodes first season is a guest star machine! Without giving away their roles, coming through the shop’s doors will be Jim O’Heir (Parks & Rec), Brandon Johnson (NTSF:SD:SUV::), Mike O’Hearn (American Gladiator Nitro), cosplayer Victoria Paege, voice actress (and season one producer) Miley Yamamoto. Plus, there are so many GREAT comedians in LA and I have the pleasure of knowing most of them. From UCB (Upright Citizen’s Brigade) we’ve got Lilan Bowden and Dax Herrera and from the sketch group The House on South Bronson, Andrew Cudzilo.

We had 10 episodes planned but only got to do five (for now). Stephanie Beatriz from Brooklyn 99 is lined up to appear whenever we come back to do more. But that all hinges on how well received season one is so… Tell everyone!

Why did you decided to make an Indiegogo campaign? What are you going to do with the money?

We wanted to make the show our way so that we could use it as a proof of concept when taking this show and pitching it elsewhere. Crowdfunding through Indiegogo allowed us that freedom, to stick to the vision and tone of what it was we’re trying to achieve with this wacky little comic store comedy.

Which are the rewards for the people who help in the campaign?

We had some fun perks, many of which are going out soon, if not already. For example, a good chunk of people are going to get to see each episode a day early. We also have t shirts and signed scripts being mailed out. Custom social media backgrounds for the whole family. One of our fans was so generous she became an associate producer on the project and will be credited both in the show and on imdb.  It was important to make the show feel inclusive for our fans and we tried to do that with our perks.

What do you expect from the reaction of the comic book’s fans?

I’m feeling positive about the fans’ reaction. We had our premiere party this last weekend and that’s always a nervous moment, when you’re first putting your baby out there in front of an audience. But the reaction was wonderful. All the moments that I wanted to hit, hit big and people seemed to really take to the humor. It’s a tough nut to crack, a comic book comedy that’s also funny to people who don’t read comics. I use The League as a barometer for what I am striving for with Geek Cred. I don’t follow sports and have no idea what the characters on that show are talking about half the time – and that show is LOADED with sports references and inside humor – yet… I always laugh. Because the underlying situation is recognizable and familiar no matter what you like. All the sports talk is just a sexy, glossy finish. I knew that if I could do that same thing for comics, we’ll have a hit. That’s why the tag line is “a show for the fan in all of us.” Because we’re all nerds for something. Even sports.

Where can we watch the show?

Season One debuts Wednesday June 18th on our website,, via our YouTube channel, with a new episode airing every Wednesday after. If you’re on YouTube, subscribe to our channel and you’ll be the first to know the second a new video goes up.

Samantha Schuster