Mark Brathwaite, rising from the ashes


It is common to have a job, which is not our dream job. But our dreams are out there, waiting for us to take the chance to persuade them. That is what the musician Mark Brathwaite is doing, rising from the ashes to the top.

He started to play the piano when he was 4 years old and there he began his music career. His life is captured in his songs “On the Rise” and “Sunrise”, between others, and his full-length album “Phoenix”. Mark was also selected to perform in the Machine Gun Kelly’s Canada Tour.

In a conversation with The Outsider Argentina, Mark spoke about his influences, the stories behind his songs and how he created them.

How did you start doing music?

I started first playing piano at the age of 4, when I took lessons through the Royal Conservatory of Music. So the origin of my current career path kicked off when I was a child.

Do you have any music influences? Which ones?

I have many musical influences I draw from. I have a huge classical background and have played everything from Bach to Chopin. More recently I drew from guitarists like Jimi Hendrix & Jimmy Page, and now I take in a variety of hip-hop / pop / rock artists. For example the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Pharrell Williams, & J. Cole.

How can you describe your upcoming album “Phoenix”?

Phoenix is my first full-length offering and it’s as diverse as it is ambitious. Every track has a different sonic texture. It’s full of honest candid moments; it really feels like a coming-of-age record that serves to both inspire people and candid / raw. Philosophically, the idea of a bird rising from the ashes is symbolic of what I’m doing with myself and my team.

What’s the story behind the song “On The Rise”?

“On The Rise” is an anthem which describes my life as it is – I still grind out a 9-5 job every day to make ends meet for my music. However, I just launched my music production & event company “MCB Music”. I have a team that believes fully in what we are doing, and despite our challenges we will make it to the top. That’s what the song is about!

What can you tell us about your newest single “Sunrise”?

“Sunrise” is produced by Xitmuse, whereas “On The Rise” and “Rain” were produced by Sideways 8 Studios. The latest single was co-written by my drummer Anuroop Kallé. He wrote the main progression and I wrote the bridge. I wrote the lyrics — the song address moments that aren’t captured by camera but otherwise should be because they are important. The themes of the song are ambition, desire, and longing. The constant throughout that song is the willingness to keep pushing and pursuing your craft. The music video should by late July to mid August — we’re shooting the final scenes on July 13th.

You write your own music, how do you come up with the ideas for the songs?

The songs off my record have all been inspired by life experience. Some are abstract, others are more literal. Often we start with a progression and build off that. Other times I have all the lyrics ready before we go into record – there are lots of different ways to approach a session and I find different types of songs will benefit from different ideas & experimentation.

How was it like being on Machine Gun Kelly’s Canada Tour?

The MGK tour was really good. I was selected by Drop Daniels and Jason Clairman who are two of the biggest concert promoters in Barrie (just north of Toronto). I am part of the original 705 Crew which included Jezzy, Noel Revelation, Prince P, and Niloc. So we all got to perform! The show was sold-out, the fans were really excited to see us — and it was great meeting the headliners (Machine Gun Kelly, Derek Luh, Mark Battles, & DJ Yung 1) / learning more about the business.

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Samantha Schuster