Tyler Jacob Moore behind Hans in “Once Upon a Time”


We have already seen Prince Hans in “Frozen”, who was known for his desire to usurp the throne of a kingdom through marriage.

But we don’t know what happened to him after he was banished from Arendelle forever and went back to the Southern Isles.

That is what we are going to watch in “Once Upon a Time”. Hans is portrayed by Tyler Jacob Moore and is going to be seen this Sunday on ABC.

We are going to get more time with Hans than in the movie, so we are going to learn things about him that we didn’t realize before. For Tyler it will be fun to see how people interact with Hans after they’ve seen his hidden, darker ambitions.

In a conversation with The Outsider Argentina, Tyler spoke about his character in “Shameless”, the selection of the role of Hans in “Once Upon a Time” and his recent movie “Don’t Look Back”.

How did you start acting?

I started acting as a kid, my brother would always want to make movies and I was always up for being in them!  Then high school plays, majoring in musical theater my first couple semesters at college, then being in a no budget movie that my brother made that got me my current agent and the rest is history.

How is it like portraying Tony Markovich on “Shameless” for so long?

Tony on Shameless was one of my first “big breaks” as they say.  It was/is also my first shot at having to play a character over the course of multiple years.  I always have to go back and research what I did in the past every time they call me and want me to be Tony again… But it’s always an honor to do it!

What do you like about the show?

I used to really like the idea that the show was all about how no matter what craziness happens or how horrible some of the family member can be at times, the Gallagher’s never stopped trying to be there for each other.  I’ve been busy doing other projects lately, so I hope that’s what is still at the heart of the show.

What can you tell us about your participation on “Revenge”?

I play a NYPD detective who investigates the death of Pascal LeMarchal in season 3.  While there were plans to bring the character back this season, they are changing some things up this year and it’s unlikely Detective Hosko will return… But you never know!

How do you feel about your recent selection of the role of Hans in “Once Upon a Time”?

I love it!  Hans is by far the most complex character I’ve had the good fortune of playing.  Also the cast and crew of OUAT are absolutely fantastic at their work and as people in general, so that always makes it fun to come to set!

Is there going to be any difference between your character Hans on the show and the movie? Which one?

Well, I don’t think there is much difference, but because you may get more time with Hans you may learn things about him you didn’t realize in the movie…  I think one of the fun things the show gets to do is show you how people interact with Hans now that they have seen his hidden, darker ambitions.

How are you preparing for the role of Hans?

I obviously had to watch FROZEN a couple times.  And of course my usual actor prep, finding how the character moves and speaks and why I/Hans do the things I do.  Oh here’s something unique to Hans prep:  I have an older brother who is now my best friend, but growing up we fought a lot, and as kids, he won a lot.  I think that helped to shape me as person, and it is definitely helping me find Hans.

Which other projects do you have for this year?

I’ve got a movie that will be airing on LMN for the next couple Sunday nights, DON’T LOOK BACK, and of course you can see Hans Sunday, October 12, at 8/7c.  You also might see Hans again this season on OUAT…  You never know!

Samantha Schuster