Christopher Larkin speaks about “The 100” season 2

monty1A pact with the Grounders, the torture and killing inside Mount Weather, the loss of important people for the show, the rescue of friends, treason, battles. All that and much more happened this second season of “The 100”, the TV show that gets more and more intense each episode.

“The 100” Season 2 has finished a couple of weeks ago and “The Outsider Argentina” had the opportunity of talking again with Christopher Larkin about what happened to Monty and the Sky people in general this season.

The first season of “The 100” was about knowing the characters and surviving on the ground. But season 2 was completely different, having to fight with the Mount Weather people. How was it like having another story to work with?

The only scene I shot outside was the montage during the finale. There were a lot of technical advantages being trapped in Mount Weather all season. The crew had complete control over light / sound / atmosphere / etc., which was far from the case last year. The majority of my scenes were with Devon Bostick, which only strengthened the bond between Monty and Jasper. We also had some incredible guest stars within the mountain who I’m now grateful to call my friends.

How did you prepare yourself (physically and emotionally) to shoot inside Mount Weather, with all the torture and killing? And how was it like shooting these moments?

There was an unbelievable amount of torture inflicted this season. It didn’t take long for Monty to witness the harvest chamber where the Grounders were bled. He was also one of the first victims to suffer the bone marrow transplants. The brutality of those scenes can make them difficult to watch, and they can be just as difficult to shoot. But you prepare for them the same way you do for any other scene. Thanks to our writers, the stakes tend to always be high on this show.

Last time we talked you’ve told me that you wanted Monty to fall in love, and we haven’t seen that yet. But one of the final scenes we’ve seen Monty hugging Harper and being happy for seeing her. Do you think that we can see something between them in the future?

I definitely see potential for Monty and Harper to start up a relationship. They managed to form / maintain the resistance group within Mount Weather and helped one another survive despite the odds. I’m not sure if this will lead to a romantic connection of any sort, but there’s no question that they’re bound for life.

We come back again to an intense moment in the relationship between Monty and Jasper, when Monty helps Clarke and Bellamy to irradiate inside Mount Weather. Do you think that Maya’s death will affect their friendship? Why?

I can’t see how Monty and Jasper’s friendship will ever be the same. When you help murder your best friend’s lover, your chances of completely patching that up are minimal to none. Hopefully, Jasper will come to understand that there was no other alternative. We were at war with Mount Weather and unfortunately, Maya was a necessary sacrifice. Jasper may eventually forgive Monty, but this isn’t something he can ever forget.

Which was your favorite moment to shoot from season 2?

Our supervising producer / director (Dean White) brought an epic battle scene to life in Episode 213. After weeks and weeks of setting up the resistance group within Mount Weather, this was the fight everyone was waiting for. The entirety of the battle was staged within the mess hall, which called for a lot of hand-to-hand combat. A lot of the footage didn’t make the cut, but it was a lot of fun to rehearse / shoot.

We have to say that a lot of characters die on “The 100”, which one from this season will you miss the most?

We watched Finn (Thomas McDonnell) get sacrificed mid-season, which was a major loss. I’ll also miss Maya (Eve Harlow) and Dante Wallace (Raymond J. Barry), who were both major players this season. I’m disappointed that they won’t be with us in Vancouver next season.

Jason Rothenberg said that season 3 is going to be different. We are done with Mount Weather and another story will begin. What do you think season 3 is going to be about? What would you like Monty to explore?

The Arkers were able to triumph over Mount Weather, but a new ‘big bad’ has already been introduced in the form of artificial intelligence. Alie’s intentions are uncertain, but she has at least one nuclear weapon in her possession. No good can come of that. I think both Monty and Raven will have pivotal roles to play when it comes to taking down the City of Light.

What are the Sky people going to do without Clarke? What do you think about the decision she made?

I understand Clarke’s decision not to enter Camp Jaha, but I do think she’s being a bit hard on herself. Is she guilty of a war crime against Mount Weather? Yes. Did she do it alone? No. She was aided by nearly every character on the show, so I don’t think it’s fair for her to bear the burden alone. Regardless of where she ends up, this isn’t the last we’ve seen of Clarke. Her family and friends are all united within the camp, so I doubt she’ll be able to stay away for too long. Everyone clearly looks up to her as a leader, but it’s good that she’s taking the time to sort things out. Better to be temporarily leaderless than to have a broken spirit running the show.

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