Christopher Larkin spokes about “The 100” season 3

The 100In two days, season 3 of “The 100” is going to air on The CW. Along the whole serie, we have seen the Arkers fighting against the Grounders and the people of Mount Weather. But now, a more frightening threat is coming: Artificial intelligence.

What is going to happen to the Arkers? Are the adults going to take control over them? In which way have the things that happened in Mount Weather affected them?

The Outsider Argentina spoke with Christopher Larkin and we have some answers. He spoke about the artificial intelligence, about Monty and Jasper’s relationship and about his character’s future.

We’ve seen recently the trailer for season 3, with a lot of violence and battles. What do you think is going to be the main problem from this season? Grounders? Artificial Inteligence?

Easy answer: Artificial intelligence. The Grounders have been a problem since the moment we landed. Our alliance with them is always shifting, especially now that Mount Weather is no longer a threat.

The idea of Alie terrifies me. The final image in Season 2 is of her standing next to a nuclear warhead, telling Jaha that there’s work left to be done. That’s the heaviest foreshadowing that we’ve ever had on the show.

We’ve also seen Monty in a way we haven’t seen him before, in which way do you think that the things that happened in Mount Weather affected him?

Monty had a relatively clean track record up until the Mount Weather massacre. He’s never had blood on his hands before. As a result, those deaths are going to weigh heavily on him over the course of Season 3. War has an interesting effect on people. It either makes them numb to the atrocities they’re committing, or haunts their every waking moment. For Monty, I’m fairly certain that it will play out both ways.

Are we going to see another part of Monty’s personality? A most violent one maybe?

Again, Monty will never fully be numb to violence. It’s not in his nature. But he’s less hesitant to commit violence if it benefits the well-being of the group. That’s one of the biggest ways that he’s changed since the pilot.

What is going to happen to Monty this season? Or what would you like him to happen?

There’s no way I can answer this without offering up any spoilers. Keeping things vague: there’s going to be a major reunion in Monty’s life. That reunion will either enhance or destroy his day-to-day existence. You’ll have to tune in to find out more.

We’ve always seen ups and downs in Monty-Jasper’s relationship. How is going to be their relationship this season?

There’s no escaping the fact that Monty helped murder Jasper’s girlfriend. Clearly, their friendship can never be the same. This is easily the biggest obstacle that’s ever been in their path. If they can’t find a way to overcome Maya’s death, then their relationship is effectively over.

Will the adults take more control this season? How can that affect the group?

The adults will always try to wrest control from the kids (as they’re bound to do regardless of the situation). Their guidance is appreciated by the group, but they often forget that ‘The 100’ managed to survive long before their arrival. Things often work out best when the adults learn to listen, rather than assert dominance. That’s the only way for the Arkers to truly hear one another. That’s the only way that they’re going to survive together on the ground.

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