Welcome to Camp Sunshine

Summer is back and which is the best way to spend that time than in a summer camp, where the kids can meet new friends, enjoy the forest or make bonfires. However, Camp… Continue reading

Brett Davern behind Jake Rosati

Every person has its own awkward moments in its life, like being on a place he didn’t want to be or being forced to have a conversation with someone. Nevertheless, Brett Davern and… Continue reading

The worldwide Matt Jennings

Music is something that is heard all over the world. But the question is, does the culture have some influence on the way the people receive the songs? And just a musician like… Continue reading

Criminal Caterpillar immersed in music

Sometimes it is hard to define the music, even when you are part of the band. Maybe it is because the most important thing is to enjoy the moment, when you do not… Continue reading

The point of view from Norman Buckley

Who can’t remember the scene when Ryan and Seth from The OC had to recover the egg from The Risky Business or when ‘A’ chased the girls from Pretty Little Liars when they… Continue reading