Geek Cred, a show for the fan in all of us

Can you imagine what kind of situations can be found in a Comic store? What kind of people can go there? Stop imagining, because you can watch it on Geek Cred, the new… Continue reading

Christopher Larkin: the survival of Monty on The 100

100 juvenile delinquents arrived on Earth. They had to face new experiences and grounders who don’t want them there. Monty Green has a low profile and he is a smart and friendly guy, who… Continue reading

The rise of PJ “KingPin” Wilson

Relationships. People who fall in love, people who break up. Moments in which they decide to follow their own path and have a fresh start, trying to find their happiness. This is the… Continue reading

Brock Baker breaths comedy

What do Homer Simpson, Bugs Bunny, Stewie Griffin, Kermit and Kenny McCormick have in common? That all of them are cartoons? Not only that, the main thing in common is Brock Baker, the… Continue reading

James Dashner in Argentina

The best-seller author of the saga “The Maze Runner”, James Dashner, came to The Book Fair in Argentina to speak with the fans about the book and the upcoming movie. The Outsider Argentina… Continue reading

The Surrender of Stop Motion Radio

  Photo Credit: Melissa Pedersen Who can save us now? Is this how it ends? These are some questions asked by the band Stop Motion Radio in the song “This is Our Surrender”… Continue reading

Kuya, the brothers of music

Life is short. That is why we should live every moment to the fullest. We should appreciate what we have. This is the main message of the newest song “Stay Here” of Kuya,… Continue reading

Nate Maingard in the shadows

We can’t run or hide from the parts of ourselves we don’t like. We have to face and accept them. That’s what the song “In the Shadows” from Nate Maingard is about. “In… Continue reading

Brianne Howey, the girl who knows what she wants

Whitney Taylor on “Twisted” is a self-assured girl who will do anything to get what she wants. She has a strong bond with her father Jack and they are determined to carry out… Continue reading

Indira Varma: the woman of the genres

Drama, action, crime, history. These are some of the genre that the actress Indira Varma worked in. She has been on “Rome”, “Human Target” and “Luther”, and now she is going to be… Continue reading