Kristian Nairn: Hodor, a man of few words

“Hodor”. We can only hear this word coming from the mouth of a very special character from “Game of Thrones”. We don’t know much about Hodor, why does he keep repeating that word… Continue reading

Sophie Turner: The transformation of Sansa Stark

It wouldn’t be easy for a young girl to travel to a foreign place and have to stay there alone, without her family and surrounded by people who don’t treat her well. But… Continue reading

The fairy tale of Freya Tingley

When we were kids, we used to believe in many different things, that as grown-ups we stopped believing. However, we have TV shows like “Once Upon a Time”, which allow us to keep… Continue reading

10 Cent Pistol

It is good when someone fits with another in a job. When one has what the other one lacks. Even if that job is a crime. Jake and Easton are brothers and perfect… Continue reading

The first steps of Monty Geer

Starting in the entertainment industry must be really hard. A lot of auditions, some rejections. But everything makes sense when you book a role in a movie or a TV show. After filming… Continue reading

The magical journey of Rachel Boston

Finding out that you are a witch with powers must be something difficult to understand. That is why we saw Ingrid Beauchamp from “Witches of East End” growing so much during the first… Continue reading

The other side of Ryan Liann

“An artist expresses him or herself through their art”. This is the quote used by Ryan Liann to describe his latest album “Forever Dreaming”. The songs talk about love and life, a side… Continue reading

Ivan Sergei and his dream roles

“Once a Thief”, “Jack & Jill”, “Dangerous Minds”, “The Opposite of Sex”, “Charmed”, “Sundays at Tiffany’s” and “The Break-Up” are some of the movies and TV shows in which Ivan Sergei has participated.… Continue reading

Lauren Iungerich, the creator of Awkward

A love letter to her inner teen and the wish to give young girls a voice of self empowerment and self reflection. That is how Lauren Iungerich started her show known as “Awkward”,… Continue reading

Alan Sailer, the shooter photographer

Alan Sailer wanted to be a photographer since he was a kid, but he was worried that he was wasting film. However, when he got his first digital camera, everything changed. He was… Continue reading