Miltos Yerolemou: the dancing master in Game of Thrones

One of the best Arya’s moments in Game of Thrones is when she interacts with the dancing master, Syrio Forel in King’s Landing. Syrio taught Arya how to use a sword, with the… Continue reading

Seth Taras: fusion of images to transcend time

It is not common to mix the past and the present in the same place. But it was possible for the photographer Seth Taras, who made the History Channel Campaign “Know Where You… Continue reading

Giullian Yao Gioiello and his role in The Carrie Diaries

Giullian Yao Gioiello started modeling and doing commercials when he was very young. After some acting and appearance on TV, he got the opportunity of being in the TV show “The Carrie Diaries”,… Continue reading

Kyle Harris: from soccer to acting

Everything started because of a girl. Kyle Harris grew up as a soccer player and that is what he did since he was able to walk. But he met a girl who was… Continue reading

Ingenious: good things would happen

Ingenious is a movie about a small-time inventor, Matt (Dallas Roberts), and a slick salesman, Sam (Jeremy Renner), who came up with one product that becomes a worldwide phenomenon. After a Kickstarter campaign,… Continue reading

Ely Henry: the laugh that created the actor

The first moment in which Ely Henry realized that he wanted to be an actor was after a school play in grade one. He received his first laugh from a large group of… Continue reading

Mike King: the power to influence people

Mike King wanted to be an actor to influence others the way his favorite actors, such as Tom Hanks, Denzel Washington, Russell Crow, among others, had influenced him. He doesn’t know if he… Continue reading

Kass Morgan: One hundred teens to save Earth

Earth is now a toxic atmosphere and there are no humans there. They live in space stations far away, without knowing if the planet will be habitable again. But the government leaders want… Continue reading

RJ Brown: actor & producer

RJ Brown is mostly known as Thomas West on “The Carrie Diaries”, the guy who is academically perfect and used to compete with Mouse, Carrie’s best friend, but in the end of the… Continue reading

Chad Michael Collins: a dream come true

When Chad Michael Collins thought about becoming an actor, he wondered that it would be fun to play a soldier like the guys on “Band of Brother”, a TV show he was watching… Continue reading