David J. Peterson, a language creator

Daenerys Targaryen used to call Khal Drogo “Shekh ma shieraki anni” in Game of Thrones, referring him as “my sun and star”. She had to understand and learn the Dothraki’s language to fit… Continue reading

Ned Vizzini: the bestselling author

How would it like being in a world where stories come to life? Fortunately we can get into that world by reading Ned Vizzini’s “House of Secrets”. The bestselling author wrote his first… Continue reading

Kari Kimmel: the girl behind the songs

We usually listen to different songs in movies or TV shows, but sometimes we don’t know much about the author of them. Kari Kimmel’s songs have been featured in film and television shows… Continue reading

The actor and comedian David Koechner

David Koechner has made a lot of different roles on movies and TV shows, standing out for the comedy genre. He started his career in “Saturday Night Live”, a sketch comedy and variety… Continue reading

The extended career of Peter Gallagher

He has been Claude, the guy who went to a military training to fight in the Vietnam war on “Hair”; Danny Zucko, the cool guy on “Grease”; Sandy Cohen, the caring father on “The OC”… Continue reading

Brittany Curran: a young actress with a great future

It seems to be a mystery and terrifying year for Brittany Curran. But not in a bad way. This year the actress has filmed two horror movies and is currently portraying Pheobe in… Continue reading

Eva La Rue: actress & jewelry designer

Life is about combining work with things that we love doing. And that’s what Eva La Rue has been doing in all her projects, from the very beginning with her lessons until her… Continue reading

Cédric Hanriot GroOovematic: jazz is life

The jazz music has a particularity that not every genre has: have a musical knowledge and the ability to improvise while playing. At least that’s the opinion of Cédric Hanriot, a french jazz… Continue reading

The mystery of Twisted

How would it be like feeling that your best friend, the person that you grow up with killed someone? Would you believe it? Would you fear him? And worst, when he came back… Continue reading

Kat Dahlia: her culture founds her sound

Growing up in some special place can define you. It is not the same to live in some country or another. It can influence you, like it has influenced Kat Dahlia, a singer… Continue reading