Lisa Furtado: designer & author

There is a moment in life when you realize what you want to do for a living. Lisa Furtado discovered her passion for clothes when she was young. She thinks that fashion could… Continue reading

Sophie Turner as Sansa Stark

HBO gives us the opportunity to know more about another character from Game of Thrones. Today was the time for Sophie Turner, who portrays Sansa, the oldest daughter from the Stark’s family. Sansa… Continue reading

Jake Shimabukuro: the ukulele man

There is no more peaceful sound than an ukulele. And there is no a better musician to play it than Jake Shimabukuro. His mother taught him how to play the ukulele when he… Continue reading

Q&A with Gwendoline Christie from Game of Thrones

Today HBO made a Q&A with one of the most mysterious and strongest character of Game of Thrones, Brienne of Tarth. She is a manly knight, who is very loyal to everyone she… Continue reading

Put Up Your Periscope, Katey Laurel

Sometimes it’s hard living from music. In the business there are a lot of no’s, but there are opportunities for some people to make a career too. One example is Katey Laurel, who… Continue reading

The identity of No Island

Sometimes it is difficult to make a combination between the old things and the new ones. But it doesn’t seem to be hard for the members of No Island. Their music keeps in… Continue reading

Playing for change the world

What would life be without music? When we are sad or happy we listen to a particular song. There is one for each moment. But music is more powerful than that. It can… Continue reading

Tone, the beat of hip-hop

Saying something important to impact people’s life is not an easy job. But Tone wants to try to do that through his hip-hop’s music. This genre has been a part of his life… Continue reading

Bob Bergen: The man behind Porky Pig

“That’s all folks!” This is one of the most famous quotes over the years. Every child who watches The Looney Tunes has heard Porky Pig ending the show. But, who is the man… Continue reading

Jennifer Ulrich: from the revolution to the horror movies

Sometimes in life you have to stand up to defend your ideas no matter what could happen.That’s what the German actress Jennifer Ulrich made in “The Wave” with one of her most important… Continue reading