The cinematic music from Jenna Andrews

To paint better the whole picture some musicians think about the lyrics and the video together. That’s Jenna Andrews’ case. The Canadian singer likes this way to make her words come to life.… Continue reading

Dennis Gansel riding on the crest of the wave

There are many situations in which we ask ourselves what would have happened if…But most of the time we can’t do anything about it. Nevertheless, there are some people who can. Dennis Gansel,… Continue reading

The signal of Radiosepia

Moving out to other country could bring many new things: you can learn about other cultures or languages, meet new places or experience new food. But for Matt Monaghan it was different. He… Continue reading

The poetry from Steven Cottingham

There is not a better way to express feelings than writing. You can show your inner part without any prejudge; there is no right or wrong. Steven Cottingham found his life in poetry.… Continue reading

Nelly Furtado for the world

Portuguese, Spanish and English. No, she is not a teacher, an air hostess or a tourist guide. Nelly Furtado is a Canadian singer who started her career making a duet with her mother… Continue reading

Farrah Abraham, the teen mom

Most of the people think about having babies when they have the right age, after they get married or when they can sustain themselves. But Farrah Abraham couldn’t decide that. She got pregnant… Continue reading

Make friends hearing The Enemies

From love to hate there is just one step. From enemies to friends too. That’s how “The Enemies” were born. Before the band, the lead vocal and the guitarist played in rival groups… Continue reading

Dave Vescio: military, ex-con and actor

Behind actors there are histories that we all could never imagine. One of them is Dave Vescio. He was raised into a military family and became a soldier when he was 18. After… Continue reading

Alice Sweet Alice back to the roots

There’s been a time where people wanted to know more about the music, albums and the artists. You could spend hours listening to the songs and learning about them. That’s why Alice Sweet… Continue reading

A good laugh from Corinne Dekker

Sometimes it is hard to make people laugh, but humor is something really important in life. That is why Corinne Dekker prefers to play comedy roles than dramatic ones, although she enjoys doing… Continue reading