Christopher Larkin spokes about “The 100” season 3

In two days, season 3 of “The 100” is going to air on The CW. Along the whole serie, we have seen the Arkers fighting against the Grounders and the people of Mount Weather.… Continue reading

Jeff Russo: the music behind the TV shows

“Fargo”, “The Returned”, “Tut” or “Power” are some of the TV shows in which you can hear the music of the composer Jeff Russo. He usually writes the music when the series is… Continue reading

Christopher Larkin speaks about “The 100” season 2

A pact with the Grounders, the torture and killing inside Mount Weather, the loss of important people for the show, the rescue of friends, treason, battles. All that and much more happened this… Continue reading

Jack Silkstone, the author of the PRIMAL series

As a way of an escape, Jack Silkstone, a man with a background in Military Intelligence, Counter-Intelligence and Special Operations, started to write when he was in Afghanistan. But it was not just… Continue reading

Charles Baker: “Yo, I’m Skinny Pete” on “Breaking Bad”

“Yo man, I’m Skinny Pete”, said Charles Baker, and it was the beginning of his character on “Breaking Bad”, one of the most important and successful TV shows, created by Vince Gilligan. Charles… Continue reading

Tyler Jacob Moore behind Hans in “Once Upon a Time”

We have already seen Prince Hans in “Frozen”, who was known for his desire to usurp the throne of a kingdom through marriage. But we don’t know what happened to him after he… Continue reading

Karyn Mott: a detective in “Gracepoint”

Imagine a small town in the United States, where everyone knows each other, quiet, with no crime. But suddenly, everything changes: a young boy is found dead on the beach. Who has murdered… Continue reading

A to Z: the abc of a relationship

Can you imagine meeting the love of your life before you officially meet her? He probable has. Andrew (Ben Feldman) seems to remember Zelda (Cristin Milioti) from a party, but she doesn’t know if… Continue reading

Madalena Alberto is Evita in the West End

Despite the fact that in Portugal they don’t have musicals, Madalena Alberto decided to follow that path when she moved to London. Her debut was nothing more and nothing less than with Sir… Continue reading

Mark Hildreth: rediscovering Tom Hale in Resurrection

What would you do if those whom you love who were dead and gone came back to you? That is the main premise in the TV show Resurrection. Mark Hildreth portrays Tom Hale,… Continue reading